Acid Facial Treatment: An effective treatment and unique opportunity for comprehensive skin care

Acid Facial Treatment: An effective treatment and unique opportunity for comprehensive skin care

We are seeing an increasing number of customers in our office who ask for acid facial treatment and looking for comprehensive skin care management. Daily more literature, blog posts and articles are published about this popular trend and its effectiveness. We have also found the oxygen facial to be effective and that it serves as a useful addition to other treatment methods in the aesthetics' armamentarium. In addition, we notice that other tools synergistically increase the efficiency of the oxygen side. While there are always advances and new concepts for skin care, the best way to take care of the correct diagnosis of skin condition and then use appropriate tools with a comprehensive skin care protocol.

The use of before and after photographs provides the most objective way to measure the effectiveness of acid face recognition. Subjective surrogate markers of its effectiveness are patients improved the perception of their skin and the frequent compliments of their friends and family members. While before and after photographs can occur on our website and at our office, we want to discuss our experience of acid facial treatment, as it represents a unique opportunity for aesthetics working with a doctor to deal with comprehensive skin care with the patient.

Most people are not aware that the body's largest body is the skin. In fact, there are many disease states, vitamin deficiencies or allergies that often occur either initially or laterally in the skin. The additional negative effects of our modern environment challenge the skin's barriers to protection. Smoke, contamination and other caustic substances called free radicals attack the skin's surface. In addition, inhaled or absorbed substances such as smoking, alcohol and some food protection products can also be detected in skin or skin supplements like human hair. It's no wonder that a healthy and active lifestyle can penetrate the surface of a living hydrated skin.

As we age, our skin begins to break out naturally occurring glycosominoglyans, collagen and elastin. Hyaluronic acid is an anionic nonsulfated glycosaminoglycan that exists in many areas of the human body as well as in the skin. As these substances deteriorate and allow damage to human skin, the skin begins to lose volume, turgor and elasticity. Therefore, we find that modalities used to restore volume, turgor and elasticity help restore the youthful appearance of the patient's skin. Modalities aimed at restoring volume include hyaluronic acid injections, such as injectable fillers, deep CO2 lasers by induction of collagen synthesis and acid facial treatments.

Oxygen Facial restores volume by rehydrating the skin with a hyluronic acid serum delivered to the skin with hyperbaric acid. Oxygen facial treatment helps deliver a comfortable, unobtrusive result, and provides immediate results that the patient can see. These immediate results can help build a report with the patient and can increase overall compliance with all aspects of comprehensive skin care. Despite the frequent introduction of new treatment options available, we find that the most effective way to manage and maintain healthy skin is through lifestyle education and prevention.

Patients of all ages arrive at our office with varying degrees of sun damage and overall skin health. If a female patient presents us at the age of 33 with skin in bad condition, we assess the condition, educate her about the effects of sun damage and free radicals and put her on a specific program that meets her skin needs. Returning the skin to optimal health takes longer than one treatment and can often take several months to one year. We design our skin care programs to be multi-modality and often require multiple sessions to return skin to optimal health. The methods used include microdermabrasion, acid facials, light and laser therapy and current lotions or prescribed drugs depending on the diagnosis. Acid facial treatments involve a series of six treatments for a specified period of time with the patient returning several times for analysis and modification. All treatments include training sessions of aesthetics education including skin care, diet, exercise, proper nutrition and hydration.

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