3 things to never do in your skin - an anti aging skin care guide

3 things to never do in your skin - an anti aging skin care guide

Do you need a good anti aging skin care guide? Heres the start. 3 things you should not do in your skin and a guide to how good anti-aging skin care treatments will improve the look and health of our skin.

While you can expect a lot of voodoo and hype about anti-aging skin care, its not as hard as you would think. There are some simple steps you can take to improve the chances that your skin looks good and is healthy right into old age. Combine some basic steps with a good anti-aging skin care treatment and you are about to slow down the visible effects of aging on your body.

A few simple steps every day should be a good foundation for good anti-aging skin care, and there are also some things you should not do too. A basic anti-aging skin care guide should be easy to follow. It is not necessary to spend hours every day, just follow a few simple rules and you are well on your way to fresh looking skin and good health in general. Because the 2 go together.

3 things you should never do to your skin.

  • Avoid sunburn, or even overexposure to the sun.

While a tan can look great, its one of the worst things you can do for your skin. Sunlight has harmful UV rays that burn your skin if you are out in strong sunlight for a long time, and this ages your skin and hurts it seriously. Sunburn is one of the worst things you can ever do for your skin.

When we get too much exposure to the sun, our skin begins to damage the cells that make up the skin or dermis, as scientists call it. This results in the loss of a substance called hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is an important part of our skin and is responsible for helping our skin to repair itself so we do not want to burn ourselves and thereby reduce the amount of hyaluronan there to repair damage.

That does not mean you should not go out into the sun, please do not misunderstand. And any good anti-aging skin care guide should not advocate to stay indoors throughout the day. Our bodies need sunlight. Exposure to sunlight helps our body to produce vitamin D and important vitamin. There is no exposure to sunlight that is dangerous to our skin, it is over exposure.

Avoid direct exposure to the sun from around 13:00 to about 16:00, the most dangerous time, especially in the summer. Use a good hat and long sleeve shirt. Use sunscreen sharply as they may contain chemicals that themselves may be nasty to our skin and in some cases suspected to be dangerous.

  • Do not eat to destroy your skin.

Or your health for that matter. The American diet is one that is almost designed to age us as quickly as possible. Any good anti-aging skin care guide should emphasize the importance of good diet to our skin and overall health. Because remember, they go 2 together.

So when you chew into the next burger or pizza, keep in mind that your diet affects your skins health and your overall health. Focus on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and especially green vegetables. Spinach and broccoli are particularly good. Take care of your body with good diet (and exercise) and it works better and looks better.

A diet high in vegetables improves your levels of anti oxidants that fight the effect of free radicals in your body and skin.

  • Do not wipe the skin.

So many of us do not have enough fluids in our lives. Especially water.

In any good skin care routine drinking enough water should play a big role. Our body consists of more water than anything else, and it needs water taken every day. Our skin is our largest body and it also needs a lot of water and does not respond well to dehydration. Drink plenty of water every day. Make sure there is filtered water, tap water is not very good.

There are 3 simple things you can do to reduce the effects of aging on the skin, but the 3 in themselves are not sufficient. A good anti-aging skin care guide should also focus on skin care products that work.

Make sure you use a good anti-aging skin care treatment.

Unfortunately, you are probably using skin care products now that are not working. If you use common household name products, there is a good chance that they do not do anything. And they probably contain ingredients that can also be dangerous.

The best skin care products are organic skin care products that contain ingredients that come from sources like plants, rather than the laboratory.

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