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VOTING ON THE FUTURE – Audiences responses from the ECO-CITY Melbourne Exhibition

Posted in Visions by Ferne Edwards on March 24th, 2009

At the recent Sustainable Cities Round Table on Sustainable Sharing, 26 February, which was held in collaboration with the ECO-CITY Melbourne Exhibition by VEIL, the audience was asked to identify from the posters “What is the most exciting, positive and desirable aspects / ideas of what life could be like?“. Their responses – a sporadic list of vibrant topics and themes – can be read below. To learn more about the VEIL ECO-CITY Melbourne exhibition read this article in The Age and check out the VEIL website here.

1.    Water solution – storm water recycling, wetlands
2.    Water solution – visible water tank
3.    Eco-business – “more than once”
4.    Office-farm
5.    Vertical farm
6.    Community initiatives e.g. nature strips/rooftop gardens –reducing food miles, encouraging interaction + public health initiative all in one
7.    More than once eco-friendly supermarket
8.    Visible water tanks and pipes
9.    EBD mobility
10.    Fridge
11.    Bikes
12.    Air-cooler (not on boards)
13.    Office-farm: reconnecting with food, a place shared by many people
14.    Jungle farm
15.    Innovation and embracing new technology
16.    Giving a central location a chance to be ECO!
17.    Meeting new people and learning!
18.    Bringing the natural ecological systems into the planning, including reviving/enhancing old/potential corridors
19.    Using new technologies for sustainable purposes
20.    The clothes dryer
21.    Implementation
22.    Equity (as in fairness – not as in ownership)
23.    Tower of power (would be even better of shelf a carousel)
24.    Bike stuff
25.    Growing food on nature strips
26.    Packaging for food – eco-food
27.    Honey bee farm
28.    Childrens playground showing energy production
29.    Conversion of un(der)-used land into sustainable, liveable, innovative space
30.    Refrigeration – both chest, compost method and upright, swirly fridge, (Mike, Kate)
31.    EBD zero carbon
32.    Water catchment and delivery systems
33.    ZERO car
34.    Providing sustainable work and accommodation for homeless
35.    Reducing effluent waste, resource waste, water use
36.    Freely available fruit and vegies in urban jungles
37.    Vertical farm – an abundance of food surrounding us – living in balance with nature
38.    People reconnecting with nature people and the world
39.    A closed loop
40.    Food jungle – making use of unused green space – very important
42.    Gama Dji Gurr – brilliant level of thought
43.    Office farm and nature stripes
44.    Modular cells for different aspects, forms, functions in construction (especially solar)
45.    Transport pods except inert problems
46.    Smartcard and nero art
47.    Growing food onsite
48.    Recycling sewage for methane (biogas) and fertilizer
49.    Lots of bikes!
50.    Portland
51.    City repair
52.    Place-making circle

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