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Your visions – Sustainable Water from the Sustainable Cities Round Table / Future Melbourne Forum, 31 October

Posted in Events, Sustainable Cities Round Tables, Visions by Ferne Edwards on November 9th, 2007

Below are comments collected from the most recent Sustainable Cities Round Table / Future Melbourne Forum, 31 October 2007. The theme for the evening was “visioning sustainable cities“. In addition to a marvelous range of high quality presentations, we invited the audience to participate by commenting on what they thought we important aspects for a sustainable future. The categories for commentary were sustainable food, energy, education, aging and health, mobility and communication, water and waste. We also welcome additional comments about what you think are important aspects for visioning sustainable cities. Please submit your comments in the box below.


“Revision what a sustainable urban (for water) landscape is now….”

“Build on the principle that flushing potable water down the toilet can no longer be tolerated until the concept is the norm”

“Rainwater harvesting – community collaboration projects to utilise building roofs to water local sports ovals, gardens, etc. Focus on collaboration between local businesses, councils, community groups and sporting/ rec. clubs”

“Capture outflows from wetlands for urban water use other than pump out to sea or risk urban inundation. Increased water supply (grey). No energy required for pumping infrastructure/ operation”

“In the urban context city dwellers should be connected to their water and responsible for water quality, usage of water and management”

“Establish a water stewardship council to value/ standardise products according to the amount of water used in the production/ manufacture. Give consumers a choice to be discerning”

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