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Your visions – Sustainable Mobility & Education from the Sustainable Cities Round Table / Future Melbourne Forum, 31 October

Posted in Events, Sustainable Cities Round Tables, Visions by Ferne Edwards on November 9th, 2007

Below are comments collected from the most recent Sustainable Cities Round Table / Future Melbourne Forum, 31 October 2007. The theme for the evening was “visioning sustainable cities“. In addition to a marvelous range of high quality presentations, we invited the audience to participate by commenting on what they thought we important aspects for a sustainable future. The categories for commentary were sustainable food, energy, education, aging and health, mobility and communication, water and waste. We also welcome additional comments about what you think are important aspects for visioning sustainable cities. Please submit your comments in the box below.


“How can we create time for ourselves to value the spending of time with each other. When I dont own a car, I tend to visit my friends less often but for longer periods of time. What becomes available is a moving beyond politeness (the first 5 minutes spent with someone) and beyond ‘catch up (the next 45 minutes) and beyond talking at each other about what thoughts we have (the next 45 minutes) to somewhere we are generating a new conversation with each other (the people in the room)”

“Public Transport: accessibility; power form. Ie. How trams will be powered drive renewable energy sector for this”

“Legislate where possible against advertising and billboards which work against sustainability. Eg. ‘Melb Central – come and play. (Shopping is not playing – it is consuming!) We dont need more retail!”

“Rebrand the city as one which provides quality of experience, not quantity. Big events like Gran Prix and Melbourne Cup are orgies of consumption and not aligned with a sustainable city”

“Public transport please!”

“Have a bicycle advocate in government to oversee all future developments. (There was nowhere to lock my bike when I came to this building and the bike paths are not continuous)”

“Stop promoting the private car – use taxis, public transport, walk, ride or use electronic communication”

“Would cars not running on fossil fuel be acceptable? Or are there other unsustainable aspects of ‘personal transport? Eg. Social?”

“Fund more public transport infrastructure”

“Share City of Casey positive impact resource management framework”

“Hold a car-free day for Melbourne to kick off a new conversation about transitioning to a sustainable non-fossil fuel system”

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