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Your visions – Sustainable Energy from the Sustainable Cities Round Table / Future Melbourne Forum, 31 October

Posted in Sustainable Cities Round Tables, Visions by Ferne Edwards on November 7th, 2007

Below are comments collected from the most recent Sustainable Cities Round Table / Future Melbourne Forum, 31 October 2007. The theme for the evening was “visioning sustainable cities“. In addition to a marvelous range of high quality presentations, we invited the audience to participate by commenting on what they thought we important aspects for a sustainable future. The categories for commentary were sustainable food, energy, education, aging and health, mobility and communication, water and waste. We also welcome additional comments about what you think are important aspects for visioning sustainable cities. Please submit your comments in the box below.


“Solar farms in central Australia?”

“How can multiple visions of sustainable futures drawing on hybrid cultural backgrounds be condensed into a viable future?”

“A vision for locally produced, locally owned, locally distributed systems, which provide not only energy but sense of community, local expertise and desires for growth and sustainable energy. Distributed energy systems (not just generation) holds this possibility.”

“Wind power, geothermal (and other) renewable energy projects.”

“Must be initiatives to reduce energy demand through a. energy efficiency (technological solutions) and b. individual behaviour change (education re. energy saving).”

“Umm…. So wheres the connection between the guy from Sustainability Victoria and the actions of Brumbys cabinet? For example, leadership in ESD? In planning regulations that require sensible orientation, x, etc, as well as 5 star? In PT over roads? In solar and wind technologies? Etc…..”

“Make all new subdivisions compulsory to have lots oriented to the north and to reduce use.”

“Create awareness in people. Do not depend on technology to solve problems.”

“Zero emissions, co-gen, localised facilities (funded by governments at all levels).”

“Community-based ‘retrofit. Education is a must for the 95% of us that live in energy inefficient homes. See the ‘sustainable home model at”

“A form of star-rating on houses. More stars, more incentive to buy. Perhaps could regulate the rental sector?”

“The risk of grand meta-narratives disconnect with peoples lived experience. Multicultural composition – liveability – multicultural experience. Who defines liveability? Vision – whos vision? How do you stream line multiple visions?”

“Energy consumption by our 21C lifestyles needs to change. What would alternatives look like? Need to produce sustainable alternatives.”

“Really truly make mixed use liveable. (I live in an old house where you cool it down by opening windows. The pub next door now makes noise from 12-1am – no sleep for us!)”

“Sustainable housing = green + affordable housing.”
“Use less, have more”.

'sunfarm' by Capital I

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