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Your visions – Sustainable Education from the Sustainable Cities Round Table / Future Melbourne Forum, 31 October

Posted in Events, Sustainable Cities Round Tables, Visions by Ferne Edwards on November 8th, 2007

Below are comments collected from the most recent Sustainable Cities Round Table / Future Melbourne Forum, 31 October 2007. The theme for the evening was “visioning sustainable cities“. In addition to a marvelous range of high quality presentations, we invited the audience to participate by commenting on what they thought we important aspects for a sustainable future. The categories for commentary were sustainable food, energy, education, aging and health, mobility and communication, water and waste. We also welcome additional comments about what you think are important aspects for visioning sustainable cities. Please submit your comments in the box below.

SUSTAINABLE (transformational) EDUCATION
“Political leadership:
– regulation
– lobby them
– taxation incentives and drive investment.”

“Project leadership and partnership:
– sustainable models in East Timor
– sustainable models in indigenous community.”

“Protect Arnhem Land (without the toad). Almost pristine nature for our children.”

“Invest in educating people about values and priorities in their behaviour – not just engineering our way to sustainability”

“Paradigm shifts are best achieved on a blank canvas”

“Apply an ‘everyday type solution discussion through MCC”

“Each City Municipality needs a ‘Sustainable Living Education Centre NOW! Such platforms can bring business, government and community together to develop new ideas and educate about existing solutions. More info go to”

“Community Sustainability Living Education programs must ‘outreach into the suburbs. Look at Vox Bandicoots ‘Sustainability Street program as an excellent capacity building model for accelerating the take up of sustainable solutions”

“City of Melbourne is ‘supported by substantial suburbia. How to make suburbia sustainable?”

“Introducing a teaching style that must consider environmental and social sustainability in every aspect”

“Link into VAEE education for Sustainability Round Table”

“Increase awareness and power: 1. Market behaviour change, 2. Enforce new technologies and sustainable behaviours”

“Social sustainability = economic sustainability in the business of student housing and education. Failing to provide meaningful experiences or allowing students to be exploited (in housing) risks the future of a big industry through reputational damage. Academic performance is affected by living experience. Disruption to security of housing will disrupt study.”

“Reflect cultural heritage past, present and future as entertwined with all levels of education and basic respect”

“All education – primary, secondary, university, vocational, life long, religious, etc –needs an environmental context”

“Education in schools programs being undertaken in primary schools”

“Outreach to the ‘non-converted like ACFs GreenHome program”

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