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Vision – Carbon-neutral councils, authorities and businesses in Melbourne

Posted in Models, Movements, Policies, Visions by Ferne Edwards on April 16th, 2007

Local councils such as the Melbourne City Council, the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance and the Shire of Yarra Ranges, water authorities such as City West Water, and even business such as are among the first in Australia to go carbon-neutral. Committing funds and planning, these organisations have accepted the urgent need to address climate change by taking action now rather than waiting for government regulations to be established to reduce carbon emissions. 

Organisations can go "carbon-neutral" in many ways, avoiding emissions by reducing energy use, using renewable energy sources or by offsetting carbon emissions. Strategies for the City of Melbourne include focusing "on achieving economic growth, environmental improvements, and social cohesion by shifting mainstream business investment in buildings, plants, and power generation over the next two decades", while City West Water has approached going carbon-neutral by overhauling the type of pumps they use, providing more staff education and encouraging customers to trade-in their old shower heads. Furthermore, many businesses, including, will not pass on the costs associated with going green to customers.

Others are also in the race to go carbon-neutral, with the Shire of Maribyrnong, National Australia Bank and Insurance Australia Group among the many.

There are also local organisations and campaigns established to support the shift to carbon neutrality. Contact Easy Being Green and Beyond Zero Emissions, among others, for more guidance on how to join the movement.

Perhaps you know of others who are going carbon-neutral or support those who are? Contributions are welcome to list all carbon-neutral councils, authorities and businesses located here in Melbourne. Lets show the world that Melbourne is serious about sustainability!

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