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Solar Power Bulk Buying Neighbourhood-closes April 22nd, 2009!

Posted in Visions by on April 16th, 2009

Melbourne residents may have recently heard of our fantastic solar power offer on ABC 774 Radio or seen our editoriials in the Whitehorse Leader Newspaper in the past two weeks.

From our own search for affordable solar power for our own homes, we have formed our own bulk buying solar group-Whitehorse 2 Solar Neighbourhood – which we would like to invite our community neighbours to join us. (Residents of the City of Whitehorse -Melbourne-and surrounding areas).

Our solar neighbourhood takes advantage of huge savings from bulk purchasing and installation of solar power systems as well as making the most of the $8000 Government Rebates before the cut-off time at the end of June.

Timing is crucial as April 22nd is the close-off date for the solar neighbourhood to ensure that all paperwork is submitted to the Government in time to claim the rebates.

Please contact us at solar.schools@  or  healthvitalitynow@  or phone:  0414 656 590 for more information.