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Seeking participation at the Sustainable Cities Round Tables

Posted in Events, Models, Movements, Research, Seeking, Sustainable Cities Round Tables, Visions by Ferne Edwards on September 25th, 2007

The topic of sustainable cities is one of real currency due to the concentration of people in cities globally and the implications of climate change. Melbourne is a hub of sustainable city activities as reflected by our architects designing sustainable cities, ICLEI and many local councils greening our neighbourhoods, the flourishing of universities sustainability-related research programs, and the emerging industry that develops innovative products in the critical areas of water, energy and transport.

The blog,, was recently established to showcase this local activity and to build networks, research, and action in Melbourne. The Sustainable Cities Round Tables are the face-to-face component of These themed events are free and are held every 6-8 weeks throughout the year. They each represent approx. 7 speakers who present their initiative – within 3 minutes – to the audience followed by discussion. We are now calling for participation – as presenters, sponsors, supporters or attendees – at these events.

Future themes are:
31 Oct 2007 – Big visions of change in a sustainable Melbourne
This Round Table explores Melbournes future possible sustainable scenarios. It asks the questions:
What does a/ our sustainable city look like?
What is the value of future visioning in sustainability?
Is it carbon neutral/ car free/ planned differently?
How do we live our daily lives in this new world?

February 2008 – Networks of change
How do networks facilitate sustainable change?
What types of networks currently exist?
How can we extend and strengthen existent networks?

April 2008 – Research/ mapping a Sustainable Melbourne
How can/ does research/ mapping/ knowledge lead to action?
What are successful examples of research supporting this transition?
What are some current research gaps in urban sustainability?
How can provide a service to connect needed research with researchers?

May 2008 – Expressing sustainability through art and alternative media
This Sustainable Cities Round Table explores the role and importance of creativity as art engages a wider audience and translates the written word to action. Presenters could represent different types of sustainability art/ media and the audiences they inspire. Topics could also include how artists practice their art sustainably.

If you are interested in participating as a presenter, sponsor, supporter or would like to receive an invitation to these events, please email Ferne Edwards at fedwards Previous events are filmed and available on-line at:

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