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Research – More ‘green collar’ jobs anyone?

Posted in Research, Visions by Ferne Edwards on July 2nd, 2008

Please find an abstract of an article below from the Australian Conservation Foundation. It raises some interesting issues – namely the emergence of a ‘green collar’ workforce. To read the full article visit

Action on climate change to create three million new ‘green collar jobs
Date: 26-Jun-2008
Australia can take strong action to tackle climate change and create millions of new job opportunities, according to a major report released today. To achieve this win-win, millions of Australian workers will need to be equipped with new, greener job skills. The report, Growing the Green Collar Economy, identifies the employment impact of action to cut greenhouse gas emissions in Australia and examines the skills, training and workforce implications. CSIRO analysis is based on the latest economic modelling and is released by the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) and the Dusseldorp Skills Forum (DSF).

Using two different economic models, CSIRO found:

  • If Australia takes significant action to cut greenhouse gas emissions national employment will still increase by between 2.6 million and 3.3 million over the next two decades.
  • Jobs in sectors that are currently high carbon emitters, like transport, construction, agriculture, manufacturing and mining are forecast to grow strongly in the next decade.
  • It will be essential to identify and provide the green skills needed by the 3.25 million workers in industries that currently have ‘high environmental impacts.

To read the full article visit

'Green Tie' by Jeremy Watt

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