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Model – The Melbourne 2030 Audit and Next Steps

Posted in Models, Policies, Research, Visions by Ferne Edwards on July 22nd, 2008

Please find an update below about The Melbourne 2030 Audit.
PLANNING FOR ALL OF MELBOURNE – The Melbourne 2030 Audit and Next Steps

In late May 2008 the Victorian Government released the findings of the Melbourne 2030 Audit Expert Group. At the same time, the Government released the next phase of planning for Melbournes future.

Throughout 2007 the Audit Expert Group held community workshops and assessed more than 200 public submissions. Their report concluded that while there was much work to be done in implementing Melbournes plan for the future, the fundamental principles of Melbourne 2030 are more relevant than ever.

The Victorian Government has responded to the Audit findings by releasing Planning for all of Melbourne which outlines the decisive action that the Government will take in the face of climate change, population growth, housing affordability, congestion and higher demand on public transport.

The Government will respond to the emerging challenges Melbourne is facing, by focusing on:

  • Developing a new planning partnership with clearer State / local government responsibilities.
  • Increasing State Government resourcing and coordination of implementation.
  • Establishing clear requirements for the amount and diversity of housing growth in each metropolitan municipality.
  • Improved activity centre planning.
  • More effective community and stakeholder engagement.
  • Planning for longer term growth.

Planning for all of Melbourne, the Audit Expert Groups report and background information on the Audit process are available from

The Victorian Government would like to thank the Audit Expert Group:

  • Professor Rob Moodie who chaired the group
  • David Whitney
  • Michael Wright QC, and
  • Dr Ann McAfee.

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