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Model – Bike Pods for Melbourne perhaps?

Posted in Models, Visions by Ferne Edwards on June 11th, 2008

The article below was listed recently in the City of Melbourne’s Green Leaflet Newsletter for June. Green Leaflet newsletters can be downloaded from

Boost in city cyclists prompts bike pod trial
The City of Melbourne is building a trial bike pod with shower and change facilities for cyclists to encourage more city workers to use this form of sustainable transport. In what is believed to be a world first, the City of Melbourne has funded research, development, initial design concepts and will further fund the construction and installation of a prototype bike pod to be completed later this year. The pod will be located in the carpark of a CBD building, which currently does not have shower facilities for staff cycling to work. The program is part of the City of Melbourne’s push to encourage large corporate organisations to promote sustainable transport options for their employees.

Recent figures supplied by the City of Melbourne’s Bicycle Account found the number of people riding bikes during morning peak hour had doubled in the municipality in the past year. There was an overall increase in the number of cyclists riding on roads at all times of the day by an average of 10 per cent in 2007, while off-road routes in the municipality increased by an average of 20 per cent. Based on these rising trends, the City of Melbourne is keen to provide the necessary infrastructure to give greater access to potential cyclists, and in doing so, reduce greenhouse emissions and traffic congestion.

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'Bike pod' by Richard Drdul

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