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Model – Melbourne City Council recognises the value of rooftop space

Posted in Models, Movements, Visions by Ferne Edwards on April 23rd, 2007

Our Australian rooftops currently remain untapped as to their true value. As land prices rise significantly and as the demand to emit less carbon emissions affects us all, we continue to ignore the true benefits of unused space in our urban landscape – the rooftop. A potential source for energy, water catchment and even food production, very few people within Melbourne – let alone Australia – tap this obvious source to be found right above our heads!

The City of Melbourne is one Council (in collaboration with BP Solar with Origin Energy) who has recognised this unused space, placing 1328 solar panels on one third of the Queen Victoria Market roof surface. Launched in April 2003, this pv system is the largest urban grid-connected solar photo-voltaic installation in the Southern Hemisphere. It has the capacity to generate 252,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year for the Queen Victoria Market – enough to power an average 46 homes per year. Furthermore, the latest power readings and CO2 savings are available online and on the public viewing board located outside the food court in Queen Street (opposite "B" Shed) at the Queen Victoria Market.

Maybe you know of some other Council-generated rooftop initiatives or have established one of your own? Perhaps you have some even better ideas about how to use this untapped resource? All comments to are welcome.

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