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Event – The Understandascope – Positive Ageing, 18 September

Posted in Events, Visions by Ferne Edwards on September 17th, 2007

The Understandascope @ Fed Square Series – Tuesday 18 September – #3 Positive Ageing as an opportunity to give back. The fabulous resource – recognising the value of retirees [“top enders”]

A long known constant in the search for human happiness is giving to others. More recently, Abraham Maslow recognised that those who are doing what they want to be doing are also happy. Indeed, after decades of research one of the worlds most famous epidemiologists, Australian Michael Marmot, was able to show that such people live much longer than those who dont feel in control of their lives (Social Determinants of Health, Oxford UP, 1999).

Much has been written on the “threat” posed by the dependency of ageing and infirm baby boomers. This forum looks instead, at the “fabulous resource” they constitute: retirees happy in giving to others. By definition retirees are educated. Can we arrange to help them share their insights and skills? All would benefit, not least the retirees themselves who would live longer and happier lives!

Governments are working on “positive ageing” strategies; mainly about supporting retirees. How about offering retirees opportunities to give back, or, to give forward!?

Panelists will outline the demographics and then discuss social changes to improve opportunities for retirees to re-involve themselves.

Bob Birrell, Director, Centre of Population and Urban Research, Monash University
Delys Sargeant AM, Advocate for Healthy Older Ageing
Patricia Reeves, Policy officer & formerly ED, Council on the Ageing, Victoria
Helen Killmier, Manager Community Development, City of Whitehorse
Jess Allen
Convenor: Frank Fisher, Director, The Understandascope, Monash University

Time & Date: 6:00 – 8.00pm, Tuesday 18 September 2007
Location: BMW Edge theatre, Federation Square, Melbourne
Cost: Voluntary “gold coin” donation.
Biodynamic Apples courtesy Greenwood Orchards, Merrigum.

Media Enquiries:
Frank Fisher, Convenor, The Understandascope, mob. 0428 862693
Ron Smith, Corporate Media Communications Federation Square, mob. 0417 329 201

'Happy People Live Longer' by M@rg

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