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Event – Renewable Energy and Regional Australia Conference, 16 – 18 September

Posted in Events, Models, Movements, Policies, Research, Visions by Ferne Edwards on September 2nd, 2007

I realise that this isn’t IN Melbourne but it IS right next door! And it does have very strong relevance to issues of urban sustainability – with some presenters from Melbourne – that can be applied here. Read on for more information about the Conference (taken from the first page of the Conference website) or visit the website at:

A national conference on ideas, examples and action being presented at Bendigo, Victoria, on 16, 17 and 18 September 2007 at The Capital, Bendigo’s Performing Arts Centre, View Street, Bendigo.

“Regional Australia is particularly vulnerable to the vagaries of alternative energy supplies. Energy for transport as well as industrial, mining and agricultural development is essential if regional Australia is to develop and continue to play its role in the long term success of the Australian nation. This conference will provide an up-to-date account of the state of renewable energy development and use in regional Australia. It will showcase some of the latest innovations and show how the regulatory environment facilitates the development and use of ‘renewables.

The City of Greater Bendigo and La Trobe University, Bendigo Campus both recognise the needs as well as the opportunities inherent in change and development. This is a time ripe for innovation, ingenuity and vision. Essential to the growth of new technologies is support and investment. This conference will showcase local economic opportunities contained within the solutions.

The conference presentations will address questions such as:
* what are the most likely sources of renewable energy for regional Australia?
* what is the state of development of these different sources?
* how accessible are these energy sources to people in regional Australia?
* what needs to happen to make them readily available? and
* what can regional communities do to assure their access to renewable energy?

Keynote presentations from government, business, academic and community leaders will be complemented by a focus on practical renewable energy initiatives.”

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