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Event – Advanced Permaculture Principles and Planning Tools With David Holmgren, 10-13th July

Posted in Events, Models, Movements, Research, Visions by Ferne Edwards on June 12th, 2008

4 day course Hepburn Springs

A four day course Advanced Permaculture Principles and Planning Tools targeted at PDC holders looking to deepen their understanding of permaculture and improve their conceptual skills and tool kit for design and action. To be run in a rural venue, within a small village or town where permaculture and associated activism already has a strong presence, (in this case Hepburn Springs).

Includes meals but not accommodation
Accommodation options include basic home accommodation, youth hostel or local guest houses.

TBC but in heart of Hepburn Springs village within walking distance of Mineral Springs Reserve, Melliodora permaculture demonstration site, and accommodation options.

Background information and guidelines
The four day course has a long lineage based on material David has been teaching on PDC’s for many years and more recently in Advanced 2, 3 and 4 day courses run in Europe and North America (2005) and NZ and Latin America (2007). After nearly 20 of these courses overseas, the first Australian one was at Apollo Bay in October 2007 organised by Fern Rainbow. The course is designed to deepen understanding of permaculture practitioners, designers, activists and teachers.

Some of the leading permaculture teachers and activists overseas have been organisers and participants in these courses leading to a revitalisation and deepening of existing permaculture activism. Rob Hopkins, the activist behind the Transition Towns process in the UK is a prominent example. Several experienced permaculture teachers who have been personally inspired by the book, Permaculture:Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability, have found this course gives them the confidence to integrate the material into their own teaching of permaculture. While a PDC and prior reading of Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability are highly desirable for participants to successfully gain from and contribute to the course, in individual cases exceptions could be made where either the participant has
1. a PDC and has read the essence of permaculture (downloadable from Writings page) or
2. a solid professional and personal background in sustainability and has attended the Future Scenarios workshop or
3. a solid professional and personal background in sustainability and has read Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability.

The core of these courses is the presentation and workshopping in groups of the format of design principles from Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability. Additional presentations and group work focus on Reading Landscape, Landscape Mapping, Energy Descent Scenarios and Community Mapping.

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