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Event РFrancois J̩gou: Radical Innovation for Sustainable Lifestyles Р1 November

Posted in Events, Models, Research, Visions by Ferne Edwards on October 15th, 2007


An ECO-LEAD – Leading thinking in eco-innovation Public Lecture.
Supported by Sustainability Victoria and The Victorian Eco-innovation Lab (VEIL).

Francois Jégou: Radical Innovation for Sustainable Life-styles: European approaches to design and scenario building.

Date: Thursday 1 Nov 6pm-7.15pm
Venue: Prince Phillip Theatre, Architecture Building, University of Melbourne

A business-as-usual future is unsustainable. As we come to appreciate the challenges of climate change it is clear that the task of creating a sustainable economy requires more than incremental improvements in environmental efficiency, it demands radical innovation.

Francois Jégou is the first visitor in a series bringing leading international thinkers on eco-innovation to Australia: ” ECO-LEAD” (organised by Sustainability Victoria and the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab).

Jégou is an important European designer; he is also a European expert in sustainability strategies. His expertise is derived from understanding that ideas of, and solutions for, sustainability are complex transformations that take place between multiple stakeholders, involving both social and technical innovation.

The art of being a strategic sustainable designer is to understand, hear and consider all stakeholder voices in the innovation process. Francois work has focused on user-centred innovation, and design-oriented scenario development, envisaging new ways for companies to interact with consumers to create and instigate radical product innovation. In a similar way to the VEIL project, Jégou uses scenarios to investigate unknown outcomes and to provide an understanding of radical changes that may take place in the future. He is a partner with Ezio Manzini (a future ECO-LEAD visitor) in the global project known as “The Sustainable Every Day” which brings together visions of a sustainable future from extensive workshops in more than 18 countries.

Francois works from the top down and bottom up, looking at how small and medium enterprises can, through partnerships with other stakeholders and their clients (users), ‘co-design’ for sustainable futures, and create ‘new innovation opportunities. His participatory design methods help all stakeholders think outside of the box and understand solutions from multiple stakeholder views (company and user). Francois also understands that business cannot devise ‘new eco-innovation without consumer adoption. Thus much of his work is bottom up, searching social innovations to recognise new possibilities for the creation of sustainable lifestyles and the consequent products and services innovation, that may co-evolve.

Jégou has been working in sustainable production and consumption as a designer for many years and brings experience and thinking of many of the European union and UNEP funded research projects on product-service-systems, product innovation and sustainable consumption. This work has crossed many different sectors such as eco-packaging, health systems, senior friendly products, food design, and workplace design, involving practice-based work and research investigation. His extensive and diverse client base includes: EDF; MasterCard; Carrefour; Monprix; 3M; Boch; Ikea; Sony; Zanussi; KPN Orange; Roche Consumer Health; Saab; BMW; Coca-Cola; Douwe Egberts; Commune di Milano; Société de Developpement de la Region Bruxelloise.

VEIL is supported by the Sustainability Fund and the Victorian government, as a project of the Australian Centre for Science Innovation and Society at the University of Melbourne, in partnership with Monash University and RMIT.

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