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Zero Waste Week

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on June 12th, 2009

Could you survive a week without throwing anything away?   An invitation from the Ethical Consumer Guide to join the “Zero Waste Week” trial. Can we live with zero rubbish for one week?  It’s a basic concept,  yet may be not-so-basic to implement. Join us on a “Zero Waste Week” trial, where together we attempt to reduce our household rubbish for seven days.  For some people this will mean not having anything that is not able to be recycled in curbside collections, while for others it may mean no packaging waste including recyclables. For all, it will mean preparation as the things we buy affect the rubbish we end up with.

The proposed date is the last week of July, 26th – 1st.

The next planning meeting is Thursday 18th June.

Find out more including RSVP details.

greenest friday night drinks offer – good brew company

Posted in Events by edeano on September 5th, 2008

The good brew company has just launched the greenest and best drink option available outside of a brew pub or winery!!

We deliver (on trikes!) a keg (or two or three) of good brews… beer brewed with a minimised carbon footprint…we can also bring wine.

the bike bar... sustainably serving Melbourne since 2008

the bike bar... sustainably serving Melbourne since 2008

We set up a packaging free bar and train interested servers (you, your catering team, the boss!) to serve good (well) brewed drinks at your event.

Four reasons why the good brew service is good for your event:

#1 – It’s easy (that’s good):

good brew co. delivers multiple kegs to your event. No one needs to go on time or oil consuming trips to bottle shops, wineries or breweries…

#2 – It’s cost effective (that’s good too):

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Zero Waste Campaign, Environment Victoria

Posted in Visions by Ferne Edwards on June 21st, 2007

Environment Victoria’s Zero Waste Campaign aims to to raise the awareness of waste issues in the broader community and to advocate for better policy on waste and resource-use. Their website has been recently updated and lists the multitude of ways people can become more involved in the Zero Waste Campaign.

Actions include:
* Responding to e-bulletins when they are posted.
* Applying pressure to Ministers of Parliament and policy-makers on urgent issues, which will help to help sway decisions.
* Become involved in some of the online campaign strategies that will be developed over the coming months.
* Attend public meetings on Zero Waste in your area.

For more information about the Zero Waste Campaign, visit: