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Geelong-built wind turbine flying high

Posted in Models by Jessica Bird on May 30th, 2012

Source: The Geelong Advertiser, via Dan Cass

Image from Renewable Energy Solutions Australia

From “A new spin on wind turbines” by Shane Fowles

A Geelong-built wind turbine which is spruiked as the quietest in the world has been placed at Tullamarine. It is the second commercial installation of the Eco Whisper Turbine, following a pilot demonstration at Geelong manufacturer Austeng’s North Geelong plant last October. The turbines are being made by Austeng for Renewable Energy Solutions Australia, with aims to produce up to six more for Victorian customers this year. They are not aimed at the wind farm market but for mid-sized businesses or organisations, with the turbine to produce about a third of the power requirements for the Austeng plant.

RESA chief executive officer Tony Le Messurier said the 20kW turbine was placed just outside Tullamarine’s airport precinct. “This is our second commercial installation in Victoria, which marks a crucial milestone in our evolution and the adoption of renewable energy,” he said. After two years of development and testing, RESA believes its quiet turbine has the ability to capture up to 30 per cent more energy than traditional three-bladed designs.

Western Victoria MP David O’Brien is advocating for the technology to be given greater government support, finding it falls in between subsidies offered to households and larger wind farms. “If we can cut red tape or provide targeted assistance to small manufacturers, it will hopefully help companies such as Austeng employ more Geelong workers,” he said.

You can find out more about the Eco Whisper Turbine on the Renewable Energy Solutions Australia website.

Hepburn Community Wind Park

Posted in Models by Maeztri on November 17th, 2008

Hepburn Wind is a registered co-operative (Hepburn Community Wind Park Co-operative Ltd). Hepburn Wind will be the owner and operator of the Hepburn Community Wind Park, Australias first community owned wind farm.

The Wind Park was initiated by the Hepburn Renewable Energy Association (HREA) in conjunction with Future Energy Pty Ltd. Hepburn Wind is managed by an elected Board of Directors, representing the community, as well as business and environmental interests.

As a community owned wind farm, locals and non-locals alike will have the opportunity to invest in the Hepburn Community Wind Park. When you invest in wind energy, you are investing in your future and that of the generations to come.