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Design for an Active City: Competition

Posted in Seeking, Visions by Kate Archdeacon on June 6th, 2011

Source: Australian Design Review

Victoria’s State of Design Festival has launched an urban design competition inviting Victorian designers to transform a major thoroughfare in central Melbourne. The Design for an Active City competition seeks “implementable, site-specific proposals to improve the pedestrian experience on the northern footpath side of Collins Street Bridge as it spans Wurundjeri Way, and thereby increase pedestrian activity.”

Proposals for the temporary installation should address a 50-metre stretch of the 350-metre bridge, which runs from Spencer Street to Batman’s Hill Drive. Shortlisted submissions, selected by a panel of experts, will be on show during the State of Design Festival, with the winner announced at a public panel discussion held on 25 July. The winning entry will then be constructed and installed as a temporary project from October to December 2011, serving as a short-term installation while the development of the bridge linking the CBD with Spencer Street Station and Docklands is still under construction.

Event partner VicUrban will provide $25,000 towards the development and construction of the project. The competition spotlights the role of design in stimulating increased physical activity through interventions in the built environment, and supports the 2011 Festival’s theme, Design That Moves.

Entries to the competition are now open.

Site visit 3.00pm June 8 2011
Submission deadline July 6 2011
Winner announced, exhibition opening and public panel discussion July 25 2011

Design for an Active City is run by State of Design in partnership with VicUrban and GHD.  For full submission requirements and resources go to

Get Moving At Work: Walk The Block Next Tuesday

Posted in Events, Movements by Kate Archdeacon on May 11th, 2011

17 May , 2011

Source: Victoria Walks

Victoria Walks is aiming to combat workplace physical inactivity by developing the event – Walk the Block. The aim is simple: to get people away from their desks and onto their feet. Walk the Block will be a fun and lively event that brings together employees from corporate organisations, government departments and other workplaces across Victoria to walk their block on Tuesday 17 May (download flyer).

The event has been developed by Victoria Walks to promote four simple workplace walking ideas:

  • ‘In your stride’ – quick and easy tips to keep staff moving at work
  • Walking meetings – step out for active and productive conversations
  • Walkabout inductions – for new staff to learn what is close by
  • Walking groups – regular walks for fit and friendly workplaces.

Resources for each of these initiatives will be sent to workplaces so that walking can easily be incorporated into organisations’ working culture.

Register as an individual or an organisation.

Zone B Map: Getting Around Bendigo by Bike, Bus or Boot

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on February 2nd, 2011

Source: Victoria Walks

Zone B displays sustainable transport options on a user-friendly, accessible map of Bendigo. Using a multi-layered approach, Zone B allows users to locate where they live, shop, work or study and to easily identify the most suitable form of sustainable transport for getting there whether by bus, bike or boot.  Zone B is an initiative of Plan B – La Trobe University Student Planners’ Association. Plan B aims to involve all members of the wider Bendigo community in planning and ensuring a sustainable future for our great city.

Download the map, or find out more about walkability initiatives in Bendigo on Victoria Walks.

Suburban Walkability: Successful Campaign for Pedestrian Crossing

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on January 18th, 2011

Source: Victoria Walks

From “How did the children cross the road?

With the green man!

Until recently, locals faced the treacherous Burke Road North roundabout on their walking journeys. East Ivanhoe Walking Action Group formed in 2009 and successfully campaigned for a pedestrian crossing to make this area safer for walkers. Since its installation a few weeks ago, locals have been happily wandering and strolling across this roundabout with their families and four legged friends!

Visit Victoria Walks for more details of the Burke Rd North Roundabout campaign.

Pedestrian Access Strategy

Posted in Policies by Kate Archdeacon on September 24th, 2010

Source: Victoria Walks

The Victorian Government’s recently released Pedestrian Access Strategy outlines 5 strategic directions for walking [sic] in Victoria:

* Encourage walking by changing attitudes and behaviour.
* Collaborate to improve provision for walking.
* Create pedestrian-friendly built environments, streets and public spaces.
* Increase the safety of walking.
* Continue integrating walking with public transport.

The Pedestrian Access Strategy sets out the Victorian Government’s vision for a more pedestrian-friendly transport system for Victorians. The aim of the strategy is to encourage more Victorians to walk, especially for short trips.  The strategy establishes broad policy principles and the first steps to guide the Victorian Government’s investment in walking over the next 10 years – including infrastructure, planning and design, safety and behaviour change programs. More people walking has the potential to help ease congestion, reduce greenhouse emissions, improve the health of Victorians and promote social connections.

Read more about the strategy on the website.

Walking Breaks: Banishing 3.30-itis

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on August 4th, 2010

Source: Victoria Walks

Workplace Walking Ideas: Walking breaks and walking groups

Are you regularly stuck between four walls and a desk? How about stepping out for some fresh air? The National Physical Activity Guidelines recommend that adults participate in at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity, preferably everyday. You can achieve this through short ‘snack sized’ bouts of activity by doing simple things like taking a few 10 minute walking breaks every day, or joining a regular workplace walking group. Here’s how:

* Banishing 3.30-itis with a daily power walk - Michelle’s story
* Lunchtime walking group a hit at work – Gabrielle’s story
* How to start a workplace walking group
* Walking group poster (you can adapt this for your workplace)

Visit Victoria Walks for more information and ideas.

Hoddle Street Planning: Have Your Say

Posted in Policies, Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on July 14th, 2010

Source: Victoria Walks

Hoddle Street is often choked with traffic and is an unpleasant environment for walking. What ideas do you have about making this street more vibrant and people friendly?

VicRoads is currently undertaking a planning study to investigate options to improve the efficiency and reliability of all modes of transport along Hoddle Street, from the Eastern Freeway to just north of the M1 Freeway (Citylink).  As with any transport planning investigation, it is important that we understand the interests, issues and concerns of all users – so we want to know what you think.

Project description

Hoddle Street is critical to north-south and east-west transport movements in inner Melbourne and to the flow of Eastern Freeway traffic to and from the CBD.  As conditions change and demand continues to increase, the challenge will be to find ways to reduce congestion and improve transport flow whilst considering the needs and safety of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users.  The study will examine key issues and investigate potential solutions, including grade separations and opportunities to enhance the efficiency of public transport.

Have your say

Your input is important in helping us better understand key issues relating to congestion, public transport, pedestrian and bicycle use, land use planning and urban design.  Join in the discussion by clicking through on the questions on the website. You will be asked to register to participate, your privacy is protected and your name and email will never be disclosed.

Here’s your chance to join the discussion and help promote a more walking friendly environment!

Yellow Feet: Encouraging Behaviour Change

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on March 22nd, 2010

Source: Victoria Walks

From the Case Studies section on Victoria Walks:

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc, together with the Wellington City Council in New Zealand, designed some bright yellow, self-adhesive feet bearing messages about the need to keep footpaths clear for pedestrians.

Then the group started work – wandering around the local streets sticking the feet on cars parked across footpaths.

The Reclaim the footpaths – please don’t park on the footpath campaign graphically demonstrated the route walkers would take if the car was not parked on the footpath. The clever campaign attracts media attention and gets a much better reception from drivers than harshly-worded notes or punitive measures such as parking fines.