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Sustainable Built Environment Workshops

Posted in Events by Monica on May 15th, 2008

The Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council in collaboration with the CRC for Construction Innovation is conducting a series of Sustainable Built Environment workshops.

Valuing Sustainable Commercial Buildings Workshops

27 May, 28 May, 30 May Location – Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

These half day workshops focus on:
– valuation concepts with regards to commercial buildings
– the relevance of sustainability to specific value drivers
– differing role of property market stakeholders and how sustainability affects their perception of value
– a hands-on approach to considering different scenarios
– future trends in commercial building markets with regards to sustainability and value

Presented by Richard Reed, Professor of Property and Real Estate at Deakin University, his background includes real estate valuer in both the private and government sector. His current focus is on property and sustainability and he is editor and author for several national and international journals and publications for the property industry

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Life Cycle Costing for Sustainable Commercial Buildings workshops

13 June, 16 June, 26 June

Location – Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney

Owners and users of buildings need to make informed decisions about the purchase of equipment and materials. Although initial capital cost is often the key criteria, ongoing costs should also be considered to achieve the best outcome. Life cycle costing is a method of identifying and calculating all the costs (current and future) over the life of an asset.
The focus will be on:
– the LCC methodology
– the use of Net Present Value (NPV) to calculate future cash flows
– discount rates, and their effects on LCC analysis
– examples of how LCC can be used in decision making for buildings
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Facilities Management for Sustainable Commercial Buildings

Location – Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney in July.

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