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Training for Transition: Outer Eastern Suburbs

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on October 24th, 2012

27 October , 2012
28 October , 2012

Environment Victoria’s Flemington Green: Project Update

Posted in Movements, Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on January 19th, 2012

Photos from Flemington Green

From “Flemington women showing the way” from Environment Victoria:

Recruited by our Community Consultant, Iman Barabiaa, another group of Flemington residents have just completed their Flemington Green sustainable living training. The 16 women are from East African countries (Eritrea, Ethiopia and South Sudan), Turkey and Yemen and all reside on the Flemington public housing estate. The women have attended workshops on saving energy and saving water (with a guest presentation from City West Water), held by Environment Victoria at the Flemington Community Centre in November 2011.  The group also visited SKM Recycling in Coolaroo to learn about waste and recycling – and we enjoyed a lunch of Turkish kebabs together in Broadmeadows.

They’ve told us they’ve learn a lot. Many participants, being new to Australia and having lived in countries where water and sanitation conditions are quite different, were very impressed to learn that Melbourne’s tap water does not have to be boiled before drinking, and said they’d keep that energy saving tip in mind.  The visit to SKM showed the sheer scale of recycling that happens every day in Melbourne and the vast amounts of energy these processes require. Many participants said they’ll be talking to their friends about the need to recycle carefully and to reduce the amount of rubbish we throw away. Not all Flemington residents have the luxury of being able to recycle at home, but with the new recycling pilot program on the estate continuing to progress well, more and more will gain the opportunity.

After the energy saving workshop, each participant told us she went home and started taking action, such as switching off appliances at the wall; unplugging the mobile phone charger when it’s not being used (it still draws power even when it’s not charging); talking to her sister in her home about energy-guzzling down-lights and giving a presentation about ways to save energy in her English class.

New knowledge and motivation, and new environmental action – these Flemington women are showing the way for their community to take green action.

>> Find out more about Environment Victoria’s Flemington Green project.


School for Social Entrepreneurs: Applications Open

Posted in Movements, Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on May 13th, 2011

Source: Social Traders

Have an idea to set up a project or business that will benefit your community? Are you already running a social business or community enterprise and need help to make it sustainable? Need a combination of personal support and business skills development to move your project or business forward? Want to be part of a vibrant community of like-minded people working to create change?

The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) runs a nine month action learning program for entrepreneurial individuals with ideas or businesses that have a community benefit.

The next Melbourne program starts 22 August 2011 and applications are due 31 May.

Refer to the SSE website for detailed information about the program, the learning approach and frequently asked questions.

Cultivating Sustainability: Workshop

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3 May , 2011
9:30 amto4:30 pm

Cultivating Sustainability is a 1-day workshop which provides sustainability advocates with insights, models and tools to trigger the psychological drivers of sustainable behaviour.

This workshop will assist you to…

  • Identify what people need in order to embrace sustainability
  • Target your efforts and resources to the points of most leverage
  • Incorporate psychological principles to your sustainability programs
  • Communicate about sustainability more effectively
  • Meet others who are dealing with similar challenges and share ideas and success stories

Presented by Tim Cotter, a psychologist specialising in the psychology of sustainability.

Melbourne, May 3rd, 9.30am – 4.30pm

$140pp Individuals/Community Groups – $225pp Not for profits/Govt – $275pp Corporates/For profit
Further details at

“The workshop provides you with simple practical tools to engage around sustainability and behaviour change”. (Cathy Crawley Leader, Arup Sustainability, Brisbane”

“I found the experience valuable in reigniting my passion and belief that I can effect change by taking responsibility myself. Also gathered valuable tools and concepts which resonate with me a lot more from this experiential format than text and seminar”. (Briony Pomplun, Environment Manager, Operations, SunWater)

“A useful, challenging and worthwhile workshop. It will give me lots of new techniques and ideas to follow up”. (Tracy Fulton, Project Officer, Sustainability, City of Okaparinga)

Open Every Weekend in 2011: Port Philip Eco Centre

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on January 14th, 2011

Photo: Phooey Architects

The Port Philip Eco Centre in St Kilda will be open every Saturday and Sunday in 2011 with a Duty Manager on site, all day. There will be a wide variety of activities – workshops on making your rented or owned home more resource-efficient, daily tours of our retrofitted building, community gardening, regular guest speakers, sustainability markets, bicycle maintenance workshops, the EcoShop (selling a range of products from worm farms to insulation), workshops for kids, artistic workshops with a green theme and even musicians/bands to help create a good vibe. We will have tea and cake available on weekends too. Please make a plan to visit us on at least one weekend in January as we launch this exciting new 2011 weekend program – check out the Calendar for January’s activities and come and say hello.

This “Open on Weekends” strategy will enable us to access the “Residents” market more effectively.

However, we are expanding our market strategy and will also be targeting employees who come to work in the region. We will take the message TO them, at their offices or at excursion sites. We will do this by offering companies opportunities to:

* provide their employees with volunteering excursions (which we will set up and manage),
* sponsor research (and even participate)
* sponsor our sustainability education projects at partner schools,
* learn about food security by having us mentor their staff in establishing a small vegetable garden, on site, at their office
* hear presentations (at their offices) on living more sustainably at home and at work.

All of these programs will be offered to corporates for a fee. This approach will have the additional benefit of diversifying our sources of funding. Click here for more information on this program or, of course, give us a call if you know someone who might be interested.

Phone (03) 9534 0670

55A Blessington St, St Kilda

Coming Home: Changing the World – Around Us

Posted in Events by IanMcburney on November 25th, 2010

3 December , 2010
9:00 amto4:00 pm

Coming Home: Changing the World – Around Us!

A meaningful, fun and inspiring professional development experience that will rock your world, delivered by Ian McBurney.

Discover how we learn and why we change, think deeply on ecological sustainability and begin to take your workplace or community on a cost positive journey into the fast approaching future.

Why conversations beat solar panels
How we learn and why we change
What we can learn from nature
How to learn, plan, do & dream together
How to win in the new economy
Why every decision we make matters
Why converting naysayers is a green herring

When: Friday December 3, 9 – 4

Where: Abbotsford Convent


For: 25 people from corporates to community groups: thought deeply about ecological sustainability, learning & change yet?

Carbon Management 101: December

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on November 18th, 2010

2 December , 2010
14 December , 2010
Transition to a low-carbon economy – what does it mean for your business?

Why we developed this course

Keeping track of current national and international developments towards a low-carbon economy can be challenging. Businesses that understand how the transition to a carbon-constrained economy will impact upon their business operations will not only save money, they will also be better placed to capitalise on new business opportunities.

The Carbon 101 information session was developed in response to the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. The briefing will help you cut through the ‘carbon jargon’. Carbon 101 is an essential guide to measuring and managing your business’s carbon footprint, and identifying opportunities for making environmental and financial savings.

What will be covered

* Navigating the labyrinth of terms, research, facts and figures.
* An outline of new government regulation and legislation.
* Identifying steps to start reducing carbon emissions immediately.
* An explanation of the effects of a low-carbon economy on small and medium-sized businesses.
* Energy-efficiency information specifically tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Who should attend

All business representatives interested in climate change and the impact of the low-carbon economy on small and medium-sized businesses.


02/12/10: East Melbourne
14/12/10: East Melbourne

Visit the website for more information.

Creative Thinking and Sustainability Training: November & December

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on November 15th, 2010

30 November , 2010
6 December , 2010
16 December , 2010
Running a business in the 21st Century requires a healthy mix of creative thinking and sustainable conscious action.

The nature of business is changing as quickly as its environment. The ability to generate new ideas, fresh processes and look at challenges from different perspectives are essential workplace skills and a potential source of true competitive advantage.

This half-day workshop is packed with practical tips and hands-on examples demonstrating the four cornerstones of creative thinking and uniting these with opportunities for sustainable business practices. You will leave inspired and ready to use these new tools in your business.

What will be covered

* The four steps to creative thinking and how to use them in your business
* Why creative thinking and sustainability is not optional for a small business
* That we are all creative (and how easy it is to rediscover this side of you)
* That creative thinking and sustainable business practices work in all businesses, not just for architects, advertising agencies or ‘greenies’
* That its about incremental changes as well as the “aha” moments
* Specific techniques to take away and start using immediately
* That creative thinking and business sustainability in action can be fun as well as productive and financially beneficial!

Don’t miss out on your chance to discover the power of creative thinking and business sustainability for you, your business and your environment!


30/11/10: East Melbourne
06/12/10: Traralgon
16/12/10: East Melbourne

Visit the website for more information.

Green Office Briefing: November & December

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on November 11th, 2010

29 November , 2010
7 December , 2010
Simple steps to green your office

The shift towards a low carbon economy and introducing environmentally friendly practices into the home has been embraced by Australians, with many people doing their part to reduce energy, water and waste consumption. However, a new trend is emerging with an increasing demand for businesses that embrace environmentally friendly practices. Consumers, suppliers and employees alike are choosing business that can demonstrate environmentally friendly policies and practices over those that cannot. The importance for businesses to adopt and integrate business practices that result in reduced carbon emission outputs is quickly becoming an essential business success factor.

The Green Office Briefing was developed for small to medium-sized and large business who wish to educate their staff to become more environmentally conscious and empower them to implement green practices in the office. The two hour briefing clarifies common myths around the usage of electrical appliances and is an essential guide to manage paper use, electricity consumption, waste disposal and purchasing attitudes in and around the office. The interactive hands on briefing empowers staff to take immediate action.

What will be covered?

* Myths and realities
* Identifying opportunities to save energy, paper, water use and waste
* Green office equipment
* How to use green office equipment
* Actions to reduce energy, paper, water usage
* Actions to purchase environmentally responsible office equipment stationary
* Actions to reduce your office waste
* Actions to promote sustainable transport


29/11/10: East Melbourne
07/12/10: East Melbourne

Visit the website for more information.

Resource Efficiency Training: November & December

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25 November , 2010
9 December , 2010
Simple ways to ‘green’ your business and save money

Environmentally-friendly businesses are those that make a conscious decision to choose sustainable practices. Customers, staff and suppliers increasingly want to work with and for these businesses. Sustainability in the workplace is fast becoming essential to give businesses the competitive edge. This interactive, one?day workshop was developed in response to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses that wish to adopt more sustainable practices.

What will be covered

* A brief overview of relevant environmental legislation.
* Steps to measure and monitor your resource usage.
* Opportunities that can lead to reduced resource use, cost savings and reputational gains.
* An introduction to easy-to-use tools to help you successfully measure water, energy use and waste disposal.
* Example of what other organisations are doing to be sustainable.
* Expert assistance with the development of a draft Action Plan to reduce water, waste and energy use.
* A resource pack that includes case studies, information on grants and funding, and useful contacts for future assistance.


25/11/10: East Melbourne
09/12/10: East Melbourne

Visit the website for more information.