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Sustainable Communities: Collaborating, Planning, Delivering

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on March 22nd, 2012

29 March , 2012
6:00 pmto7:30 pm

This Melbourne Conversations event has been developed to support the C40 Workshop. The desire for sustainable communities is the touchstone of city-forming when comparing major cities across the globe.  As city design and planning experts meet in Melbourne as part of the C40 group, never have the challenges of city growth been so great, nor the achievements so promising. Hear about our local achievements and those of comparable large world cities.

Speakers include:

  • Ms Romilly Madew – Chief Executive, Green Building Council of Australia, Sydney
  • Ms Melanie Nutter – Director San Francisco Environment Department, USA
  • Prof Jan Gehl – Gehl Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Prof Billie Giles-Corti – Director, McCaughey Centre, Melbourne School of Population Health, University of Melbourne
  • Ms Li Lixin – Deputy Chief of Air Pollution Control Division, Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, China

Moderated by Peter Mares, Grattan Institute, Melbourne.

Thursday March 29, 6-7:30pm
BMW Edge, Federation Square

Free event, no bookings needed.

Seven Billion: It’s Getting Crowded in Here!

Posted in Events, Opinion, Research by Kate Archdeacon on October 7th, 2011

12 October , 2011
6:15 pmto7:30 pm

Photo by bricoleurbanism via flickr CC

High density living is great for the environment, right? But what does it do to our heads and hearts? The Australian psyche was moulded by the myth of the ‘wide brown land’, so what might life packed like sardines look and feel like? With the world’s seven billionth person is about to be born, can we learn from the Asian megacity experience? And will we still be sharing a cup of sugar with our neighbours? As the population debate gets mental, we’re going in search of the soul in urban sprawl.

Hosted by Natasha Mitchell and featuring Kim Dovey, Helen Killmier, Bernard Salt and Sein-Way Tan.

Presented in partnership with ABC Radio National.  Free event, bookings highly recommended.

The Wheeler Centre, 6:15PM – 7:30PM, Wednesday 12 October 2011

Carolyn Steel: Feeding Cities

Posted in Events, Research by Kate Archdeacon on July 14th, 2011

21 July , 2011
6:15 pmto7:30 pm

Essential items delivery to SE QLD, Jan 2011: Aust Defence Force via flickr CC

Carolyn Steel – Keynote Address - A State of Design Festival project presented by the British Council and Grimshaw

Australia is one of the most urbanised countries on earth. In Victoria, nearly 75% of the population lives in major cities. Do not miss this important keynote address that will inspire new thinking around how we can sustainably feed our growing metropolises. Carolyn Steel’s keynote address will highlight how feeding cities arguably has a greater social and physical impact on the planet and us than anything else we do. Yet, too few of us in the developed world are aware of the process. Food arrives on our plates as if by magic, and we rarely stop to wonder how it might have got there. Recent extreme weather and peak oil prices have sent the cost of food soaring, while supermarket price wars mean produce is being valued at unsustainably low levels. The conversation around how cities can be designed more productively with appropriate pockets of urban agriculture and smarter food networks, is one that we need to consider seriously. This lecture will stimulate discussion around food security, accessibility, production, consumption and distribution.

Roll Up Bicycle Valet Parking will be available at this event from 30 minutes before the start time.

Thursday 21 July, 2011
6.15pm – 7.30pm

Cost: $20
Phone: 03 9650 3963

Location: BMW Edge, Fed Square, Flinders Street Melbourne

Changing Places: Responsive housing, mobility systems, and networked intelligence for future cities

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22 July , 2011
6:15 pmto7:15 pm

CityHome Image,  © Daekwon Park for MIT Media Lab

Changing Places: Responsive housing, mobility systems, and networked intelligence for future cities

Professor Kent Larson, Director of the Changing Places Research Group, MIT Media Lab

To meet the profound sustainability, demographic, and health challenges of the future, new strategies must be found for creating responsive places where people live and work, and the mobility systems that connect them.

Professor Kent Larson will present the work of his MIT Media Lab research group to explore the intersection of high-performance housing with urban mobility-on-demand systems, including persuasive electric bike-lane vehicles to encourage exercise, the transformable live-work “CityHome” that functions as if it were much larger, and autonomous parking/charging technology. He will also review the group’s “Living Lab” experiments to better understand and respond to human activity in natural environments including sensing, algorithms, and interfaces for proactive health and energy conservation.

Friday 22 July 2011

Prince Philip Theatre
Ground Floor, Architecture Building
The University of Melbourne

To RSVP or to find out more about the lecture, go to the Melbourne School of Design site.

Changing Cities: Landscape As An Integrated Perspective

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on May 5th, 2011

10 May , 2011
7:00 pmto8:00 pm

Landscape master plan and urban design for the fortifications surrounding Cartagena, Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, which is listed as a World Heritage site.

Melbourne School of Design: Dean’s Lecture Series 2011

Day after day people’s lives are affected by poor or inadequately planned development. The world is in flux: climate change, deforestation, floods, urbanization, the shifting weight of the developing world, and the rising shortage of resources are causing us to rethink the way we design places. The modern world presents both challenges and opportunities to those who design and shape built, natural and social environments. Using Colombia as a case study, leading landscape architect Martha Fajardo will give a Latin-American perspective into this global issue.

Martha is CEO of Grupo Verde Ltda, a firm dedicated to the professional practice of Landscape Architecture, Landscape Urbanism and Urban Design, based in Colombia and Latin America. In her illustrated lecture, Martha will detail the transformations which have recently occurred in Bogotá, Medellin and Cartagena in relation to transport, public spaces, art and culture, education, social urbanism and social inclusion. In this illustrated lecture, she will explain that by optimizing, diversifying and regenerating urban spaces, we have a unique opportunity to make a difference – to create affordable landscapes, landscapes of happiness. The quality of the environment is a key component of robust economic growth believes Fajardo.

“Remarkable, valuable, historical and beautiful landscapes are given sanctuary, but at present, the everyday landscape – the social, economic and physical context of our lives – has no champion. Fragmented into various components that are green, grey or blue, agricultural, historical or ecological, it is undervalued and neglected, seemingly belonging to everyone, but actually to no one.”

7.00pm – 8.00pm
Tuesday 10 May 2011

Carrillo Gantner Theatre
Basement, Sidney Myer Asia Centre
The University of Melbourne

Please RSVP at

Reuse Your Television competition: ReNew Magazine

Posted in Seeking by sashashtargot on March 28th, 2011

Send your ideas on how to reuse TVs to ReNew magazine.

As the humble old idiot box is replaced by the flatscreen and Australia prepares to switch to digital, televisions are popping up on nature strips across the country, ready for someone to take them away. Sadly, a lot of these boxes end up in landfill, leaching polluting metals and toxins.  Send ReNew magazine your ideas, realistic or completely mad, for reusing old television sets.

Describe in 100 words or less what an old TV can be recycled into for the good of the planet: the main aims are to keep it out of landfill and to be something fun, useful or completely ridiculous. Ideas for what to do with particular parts are welcome too.

Entries close May 1, 2011. Email entries to

Diagrams or photos at high resolution 250 dpi are welcome.  Winning entry receives a $200 gift voucher from Enviroshop.

ReNew is published by the Alternative Technology Association, a not-for-profit consumer-based organisation that advocates for renewable energy, sustainable building and water conservation.

For more information or comment contact ReNew editor Jacinta Cleary on (03) 9631 5415;

Sustainable Building: Does it measure up?

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on February 24th, 2011

19 May , 2011
20 May , 2011

In the name of energy efficiency, Australians are pro-actively rebuilding and retrofitting their homes in an effort to go green and dodge rising energy and water rates. But how can we measure the extent of our efforts? How does your sustainable building really measure up?

Find out at the Sustainable Building: Does it measure up? conference, which will reveal how and why accurate energy measurement should underpin energy efficiency with seminars by Sam Mostyn (Director of Sydney University’s Institute of Sustainable Solutions), Dr Ralph Horne and Professor Alan Pears (RMIT), Ivan Donaldson (Australian Building Codes Board), Mike Hill (Westwyck Director and Developer for Sustainable Projects), Tone Wheeler (Environmental Architect) and many more.

Sponsored by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) and held in the first and only ‘6 Star Green Star’ environmentally rated convention centre in the world, the 2-day conference will examine the tools, processes and products enhancing sustainability.

Register before March 15 for an early-bird discount.

Visit the website for more information on the program, workshops and pricing.

Fast Track Transport for Sustainable Cities: Forum

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on January 27th, 2011

16 February , 2011
4:45 pmto7:00 pm

Source: pt4me2

Website: pt4me2 blog
Website: Metropolitan Transport Forum

Sustainable Ballarat: Community Brainstorming Session

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6 February , 2011
12:00 pmto3:00 pm

The second Big BREAZE Brainstorm (


National Urban Policy: Open for Public Comment

Posted in Policies, Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on December 17th, 2010

“Our Cities – building a productive, sustainable and liveable future” is open for comments and feedback. This discussion paper is accompanied by a Background and Research Paper “Our Cities – the challenge of change”Our Cities sets out the Australian Government’s thinking on a national approach to urban development and the challenges we must address for our cities to become more productive, sustainable and liveable.  The purpose of the discussion paper is to frame the Australian Government’s policy approach to cities as the basis for a National Urban Policy to be released in 2011. It will establish national directions and objectives for our cities as we prepare for the decades ahead.  The discussion paper outlines the Australian Government’s aspirations under the themes of productivity, sustainability and liveability, and recognises the importance of good planning and governance. It aims to stimulate a national discussion on the outcomes we need for our cities.

Your feedback will guide how we make our cities more productive, sustainable and liveable. Following consideration of your comments, the Australian Government will set out the policy and program actions that are needed to achieve what we want for our cities.  The Australian Government has prepared a list of 28 questions in the discussion paper. You can respond in two ways:

1. Download and fill out the Discussion Paper Feedback Survey, fill in your contact details and press the ‘submit’ button at the bottom of the form, or
2. Register your details and upload a written submission. This option will be available from Tuesday 4 January 2011 until the consultation period ends.

Open for Public Comment until 1 March 2011