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Sustainability and Organisational Strategy

Posted in Events by Natasha Malinda on June 15th, 2010

Embedding sustainability into organisational strategy requires more than a clear vision and road-map.  It needs organisational capacity to deliver its strategic goals. Capacity building is an ongoing systematic process of changing managerial mindsets and developing effective organisational structure and capabilities to foster and support a common vision that drives sustainable change. Capacity provides an organisation the ability to anticipate and overcome internal and external barriers to implementing sustainability strategies and practices.

Led by international organisational change expert, Dr Sanjay Sharma, this two-day workshop is designed to help practitioners develop plans for catalysing change and building sustainability strategies.

What: Integrating Sustainability into Strategy
When: 21-22 July 2010
Where: Melbourne Business School

For more information and to register, visit the ACCSR Learning website, email or phone 03 98261767.

Ethical Investor Green Marketing Forum

Posted in Events by Devin Maeztri on May 20th, 2009

What: 2nd Annual Green Marketing Forum by Ethical Investor
When: Wednesday – Thursday, July 1 – 2, 2009
Where: Mercure Hotel, 13 Spring Street

Marketing to the ‘green’ consumer is extremely challenging, especially so in times of worsening economic conditions and continued uncertainty over climate change and the government’s response to global warming. This conference and workshop explores strategies for successfully marketing green products and services, profiling current campaigns by a range of leading companies (corporate and SMEs). (Green Marketing Forum)

Mountain Goat Brewery

Posted in Models, RDAG by Virginia on April 28th, 2009

The Mountain Goat Brewery is a microbrewery based in Richmond, Melbourne. Microbreweries are typically small industrial operations that craft unique beer – more than twenty microbreweries exist in Victoria. Microbreweries consume a lot of power and water and often have significant levels of emissions yet their range of sizes and diversity creates potential for new, more sustainable products, production processes and distribution methods.

The Mountain Goat Brewery is a successful example producing 400,000 litres of beer per year with an annual sales growth of approximately twenty percent. Mountain Goat goes beyond simple carbon offsetting to incorporate many other sustainable techniques such as choosing an existing building with north-facing solar orientation to allow winter sunlight and to fuel the nine solar panels and installing an 11,000 litre tank for drinking and toilet flushing. Mountain Goat adheres to localism values by retaining eighty percent of their beer within a twenty-kilometre radius of the brewery and strives to purchase local, good quality ingredients. They also consider social sustainability with the company encouraging their employees to ride to work. To find out more about the Mountain Goat Brewery visit their website at

This is from “Social Innovations of Victorian Food Systems’ case studies by Ferne Edwards.

Sustainable Supply Chain Forum

Posted in Events by Devin Maeztri on December 4th, 2008

What: Sustainable Supply Chain Forum by Ethical Investor and Dealers Group
When: Wednesday, 25 February 2009
Where: Mercure Hotel, Melbourne

Click here for registration.
For more information please contact Cheryl Samarasinghe at 02 9555 2358 or

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Aldo Penbrook from the Central Vic Carbon Accounting Services speaks at the Sustainable Cities Round Table, 12 August

Posted in SCRT Videos, Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Ferne Edwards on September 2nd, 2008

Our final short presenter for the Sustainable Cities Round Table on Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation is Aldo Penbrook from Bendigo, Carbon Assessor, Central Vic Carbon Accounting Services. A new industry arising from the climate change crisis, carbon auditors raise many new issues in terms of current not-so-sustainable practices. Find out how someone entering this business sector is approaching their role – check out Aldo’s presentation below!