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Are you a Solar Citizen?

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on May 22nd, 2013

Suburban Solar_Duncan Rawlinson_BY_NC
Photo: Duncan Rawlinson via flickr CC

From the Solar Citizens website:

Australia is one of the sunniest continents on earth, so producing power from the sun just makes sense.
This has been recognised by millions of Australians who have chosen to take energy generation into their own hands.
One million rooftop power stations are now lighting up homes around the country. And many more households are looking to solar as a way to manage their energy bills, creating cleaner energy along the way.

To date ordinary Australians have invested $8 billion of their own money in solar – a massive investment in clean energy generation in the grid.
The solar revolution IS happening at an astounding pace – the price of solar is plummeting, making solar more affordable than ever, and rates of uptake continue to rise rapidly.
But despite the many reasons to go solar, some big energy companies don’t want to see Australians take back control of their own energy needs. They want to make connecting to solar harder, not easier.

Solar Citizens is a new community project to bring together existing and future solar owners to ensure the rights of solar owners are protected and to help see Australia put a panel on every rooftop.

Solar Citizens will work to ensure:

  • Every Australian is able to take up the benefits of solar in their home or in their community
  • Solar homeowners are paid a fair price for the power they contribute to the grid
  • Solar homeowners are able to connect to the grid
  • Solar homeowners are not subject to unreasonable charges or tariffs

If you want to ensure your rights as a solar owner are protected or if you believe in a solar future for all Australians join Solar Citizens today.

Solar Citizens is an initiative of 100% Renewable – a community organisation to help Australia move towards a renewable energy future. The project is non-partisan and independent of any political organisation or party.


Moreland Community Solar: Looking for a Roof

Posted in Models, Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on December 6th, 2012

Source: Moreland Energy Foundation

Solar engineers from the Barefoot College: Photo by Barefoot Photographers of Tilonia via flickr CC

From Moreland community solar:

As we have reported previously, solar electricity panels are sprouting on roofs all around the country. However, not everyone has the ready cash, or a suitable roof space, to install solar. That’s where community solar comes in. Instead of having your own small solar array, you can invest in a larger communally-owned facility. This model has been used successfully in many communities worldwide. The photo shows a community solar installation on a church roof in the appropriately named town of Greenbelt, (Maryland, USA). Closer to home, Hepburn Wind has applied the same model to a wind-power facility.

The Moreland Community Solar project is an initiative of Climate Action Moreland (CAM) and supported by MEFL, to establish a medium-scale solar photovoltaic array in the Moreland community. The solar panels will be installed on the roof of a local building.

Project capital costs will be funded by members of the community in a cooperative-type arrangement, for which investors will receive a return. The project supports the generation of locally produced renewable energy.

Community involvement

The project supports the generation of locally produced renewable energy. The Moreland Community Solar project will offer Moreland community members the chance to make a significant, collective contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Community members will be able to purchase shares in the project and receive returns on their investment. Importantly, the board of Moreland Community Solar will be made up of those who have invested in the project.

We need a roof

Moreland Community Solar is currently seeking a business partner to form an agreement with to host the solar panels on their roof. The roof owner will buy the power generated by the panels at an agreed price, and ideally will use all of the power on site. Moreland Community Solar will install panels on their roof at no cost and will take responsibility for maintenance. If your business is interested in hosting, feel free to get in touch.

The Moreland Community Solar Project will:

  • Reduce greenhouse emissions in the Moreland municipality
  • Provide an inclusive opportunity for community investment in and ownership of solar energy.
  • Increase community awareness about the viability of solar energy compared to traditional generation.
>> Go to the website to find out more and get involved.

Update: Solar Mates Bulk Purchasing

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on September 7th, 2009

SolarMates have modified their support network in response to the government’s withdrawal of the solar purchasing rebate.

Microsoft Word - Solar Mates.doc

It’s still possible to get a great group discount, but it is primarily for the people who have already registered or have received government pre-approval for the rebate. The previous version of Solar Mates invited people to join so that we could help them to apply for the rebate. Of course, that is too late to do so now.

There will be quite a few people who have applied for the rebate but will find it difficult to find someone to supply and install within the 9 month deadline the government gives for the rebate.

For those who were not eligible or missed out on the rebate, nothing is definite with prices until the government decides how much they will per system with the new solar credits scheme.  Things are looking up after the government decision to separate the carbon from the solar credits bill!

Call Lea 0414 656 590 Maria 0417 918 515

Solar Mates: bulk solar purchasing

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on June 13th, 2009

An invitation from the Solar Mates group founders, Maria and Lea.

Due to the changes to the solar rebate funding, an updated notice was issued by Solar Mates in August.  Read it here.

Whitehorse 2 Solar, the solar-power bulk-buying neighbourhood group, was such a success that another group has been organised to help people apply for rebates, purchase solar and assist individuals and businesses who aren’t eligible for rebates.   Through negotiations with other companies, a new offer has been made available for people to register before the government rebate runs out next week.


photos: Solar Panel; Solar Array; Solar Panels via flickr

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Solar Power for homes, businesses and schools

Posted in Models by solar power for all on May 18th, 2009

I have just recently had solar power installed to my roof.  This is an article about the offer which I thought was worth passing on!
$8000 Grant for Solar Panels is Closing soon!

It is fast approaching the time when people earning less than $100,000 per annum will no longer be able to receive the $8000 government grant for their solar panels. No one can deny that they produce clean energy straight into the home making use of the sun as it shines. 1kw will save about $500 worth of electricity a year and of course – no carbon miles when using it. There is a Community Neighbourhood in the Melbourne area concerned about the environment and making a difference. In four weeks, its members have grown to almost 300!
If you are interested in 1kw of solar panels for $1895 make sure that you apply ASAP as the $8000 government rebate has almost dried up. Those who are not eligible for the government rebate are also entitled to the free inspection, quote and assessment by an ethical company and high quality components.

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