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Design Competition: From Offcuts to Furniture

Posted in Models, Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on February 24th, 2011

Source: Australian Design Review

The Chapman and Bailey Sow’s Ear Challenge is an opportunity for furniture designers to flex their creative muscle and test their innovative flair. Using our waste, namely a large volume of hoop pine stretcher off-cuts in random lengths and variable profiles, and Belgian linen scraps in various sizes, designers are challenged to create an innovative, beautiful, and functional item of furniture.  Although the use of linen scraps is optional, the piece of furniture must be made largely, or entirely, of hoop-pine stretcher scraps.  The furniture must also be able to be reasonably constructed by Chapman & Bailey’s skilled craftsmen, and not require arcane equipment or methods beyond our means. The winning entry will be made-up by Chapman & Bailey’s furniture craftsmen and will be displayed in conjunction with Inside Magazine at State of Design in Melbourne, late July 2011. All individuals and organisations are welcome to enter.

To enter the Chapman & Bailey Sow’s Ear Challenge please register your interest and we will keep you updated. Feel free to contact us for any more information that you may require at

Business Recycling: Website & Hotline!

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on September 21st, 2010

It can be difficult for a small business to find the reuse, recycling and waste services they need. Many don’t have the time or the experience in finding these types of services. So the Business Recycling website and hotline have been set up to make the job that much easier. Whether you run a café, a garage, a factory or an office block, you will be able to find reuse or recycling options for much of the waste generated by your business.

There are 16 broad categories of materials listed on the site. They include:

* Cars and Other Vehicles
* Construction and Demolition
* Chemicals and Liquids
* Clothes and Textiles
* Electronics
* Food
* Food and Beverage Packaging
* Furniture and Fittings
* Garden and Landscape
* Industrial and Manufacturing
* Light Globes
* Metals
* Plant and Machinery
* Paper and Cardboard
* Plastics
* Rubber

Under each of these categories, there are many individual materials ranging from wood and glass, to carpet underlay and food scraps.

Reuse and recycling service providers may submit a list of the materials that they collect and process, for listing on the site. This can be done in a two stage process by filling in the on-line registration form.  Businesses looking for recycling services and information can search by Category and Material type, and by location.

Hotline: 1300 763 768

Reborn: Giving E-Waste a Second Life

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on June 25th, 2009

Source: Climate Action Calendar. Email Monique Decortis on decortis@ to join the mailing list.

Image: Reborn

Environment Victoria and the Total Environment Centre have launched a new campaign for a national e-waste recycling scheme. Reborn is calling on federal and state environment ministers to give televisions, computers and other old electronics a second life. There are already over 168 million items of toxic e-waste in Australian landfill. With Australians continuing to buy new electronics, including digital TVs, this number will rise unless the government takes action.  TV and IT industry groups actually support a nation-wide ‘take-back’ and recycling scheme for e-waste. Visit Reborn and tell Peter Garrett you support e-waste recycling.

Source: Climate Action Calendar.

Dr Ruth Lane shares her research on waste, Sustainable Cities Round Table, 24 September

Posted in SCRT Videos, Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Devin Maeztri on October 9th, 2008

Ruth Lane, Senior Lecturer in Enviroment & Planning at RMIT University spoke at the recent Sustainable Cities Round Table on Waste Not Want Not on the topic of “The reuse of second hand goods in Melbourne households“. This paper gave an excellent research-based focus to the topic of waste complementing the other presentations on the evening. Please check out the video of Ruth’s presentation below. A paper that Ruth has also written that strongly correlates to this research is : Lane, R., Horne, R. and Bicknell, J. (in review) Routes of reuse of second hand goods in Melbourne households, Australian Geographer.

Households Waste
Survey of Households Waste

Survey of Households Waste

Households Waste