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Writing in the Eye of the Storm: Engaged Knowledge

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on May 12th, 2011

19 May , 2011
5:30 pmto7:30 pm

In this lecture Diane Bell explores three case studies than span three decades: Aboriginal women and land rights (1970s); violence against women (1980s); the Hindmarsh Island Bridge controversy (1990s). Each case, she argues, entailed a form of ‘engaged knowledge’, each had her writing in the ‘eye of the storm’. The fourth in which she is now engaged, the fight for the River Murray, has echoes of the previous three. Why continue to be embroiled in matters that are tagged ‘controversial’? What constitutes ‘objectivity’ in such situation? What lessons might be learned from a career of speaking truth to power?

Professor Diane Bell: writer, anthropologist, activist. Look for her on line – Diane is Professor Emerita of Anthropology at the George Washington University, DC, USA, Writer and Editor in Residence at Flinders University, Visiting Professor at Adelaide University and campaigns with the River, Lakes and Coorong Action Group.

RSVP 15 May:

Thursday 19 May, The Queen’s Hall, State Library of Victoria
5.30 pm drinks for 6 pm start

Presented by the Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies (CAIS) at Monash University.

NSW Payment for solar: collective climate-change action

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on November 17th, 2009

Source: Alternative Technology Association

Image: Jeff Kubina via flickr CC

From “NSW solar homes to receive generous payment for generating solar electricity

The NSW government has introduced one of Australia’s most progressive payments for household solar power.  The NSW government’s shift away from previous plans for a net feed-in tariff, in line with other states, is a clear signal the Rees government is committed to building a green collar workforce in NSW, says Damien Moyse, ATA’s Energy Policy Manager.  “We welcome the decision to pay households for all the clean energy they contribute to the state’s electricity supply. It is a win for families who are taking action on climate change and for green jobs in NSW” says Mr Moyse.

The feed-in tariff will pay solar households 60 cents per kilowatt hour for the clean energy they generate, on systems up to 10kw.  Other states opted to minimise the cost of their schemes by only paying solar homes for the energy they feed back to the grid after subtracting the household’s electricity use.  Mr Moyse says NSW and the ACT have shown real leadership in the move to a low carbon economy.

“This feed-in tariff recognises that solar households, irrespective of whether the electricity they generate is being used in their own home or powering the neighbour’s air conditioner, can make a significant contribution to reducing the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

“With a significant amount of additional investment in small-scale solar likely under this scheme, we now look to the Rudd Labour Government to ensure that the emissions saved by each of these new solar installations is accounted for under his Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.”  Mr Moyse says the announcement also highlights the importance of getting the design right for new smart electricity metering technology being developed under the National Smart Meter Project.  “With both NSW and the ACT now committed to gross feed-in tariff schemes, and other states opting for net feed-in tariffs, electricity metering technology that can facilitate gross tariffs will need to be deployed in these jurisdictions.  We also call on the Federal Government to assist this process and harmonise the nation’s feed-in tariffs to a single, gross feed-in tariff scheme that will make conversion to solar simpler for installers, households and electricity retailers,” says Mr Moyse.

Read the full article.