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Appliance & Lighting Energy Calculator: Port Phillip Eco-Centre

Posted in Models, Research by Kate Archdeacon on June 8th, 2011

Source: Port Philip EcoCentre

The Port Phillip EcoCentre has developed a new energy calculator which will enable you to calculate how much energy you use in each room of your house for lighting and for appliances. It helps you identify opportunities for greater efficiency and shows you the results in $ and [CO2]. The potential savings in carbon and real AUD-moolah are staggering. Click here, download the spreadsheet, make a few minutes available to go round the house, counting lightbulbs and appliances, and you could save enough to pay for a holiday. Seriously.

GreySmart: Household Advice for Greywater Use

Posted in Movements, Research by Kate Archdeacon on March 10th, 2011

Source: Smart Water Fund


GreySmart – the complete greywater resource. A step-by-step approach to help householders assess their greywater options and to select a greywater system suitable for their needs.

GreySmart offers a consolidated, user-friendly website supported by extensive research that will allow individuals to practice safe and sustainable use of greywater. Greywater is generally used for irrigation in the garden. Other uses for greywater include industrial applications, washing vehicles, flushing toilets, and other uses that do not require high quality water.  The GreySmart website provides a step-by-step approach to help householders assess their greywater options and select a greywater system suitable for their needs. Before diverting greywater and before installing a treatment system a number of factors need to be considered.

NB. The website has been recently developed and may require correction or clarification. You must take your own advice before making decisions based on this material.

Carbon calculator online: Zero Carbon Moreland

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on November 13th, 2009

Source: Zero Carbon Moreland
ZCM Online Calculator_attribution

Zero Carbon Moreland are happy to introduce their new online carbon calculator.

This tool will make it easier to calculate your carbon footprint and to create your own, personal action plan online.  Many Zero Carbon Moreland participants have been posting, emailing and phoning in their carbon footprints or calculating them at workshops with their friends and neighbours. If you have done so, thank you! It is vital to the campaign that we have your data before and after you take action.

If you have not submitted your footprint yet, it has just become very easy to do so using the online calculator and action plan. Get online and try it out. The calculator will also provide you with information about the actions you can take, helping you create your own personal action plan – which can be printed out and put on your fridge.

We hope you enjoy it! Feel free to let us know what you think. If you have any problems please contact Jessica or Jenneke on 9385 8517 or