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The Garage Sale Trail

Posted in Events, Movements by Jessica Bird on April 13th, 2012

5 May , 2012

Photo by Eastlaketimes via Flickr CC

From The Garage Sale Trail: Thousands of garage sales all over Australia on one huge day – Saturday 5th May 2012

The Garage Sale Trail is about sustainability, community & creativity. It’s a organisational framework that enables the peer-to-peer exchange of assets, resources and money on a hyper local level but with national scale. Garage Sale Trail is a platform for anyone who wants to make some money or raise money for a cause and for anyone who wants to connect with their community. That’s makers & creators, local business, households, cultural institutions, charities and community groups.

In brief, the Garage Sale Trail is about making sustainability both fun & social and using the Internet to get people off the Internet:

  • The Garage Sale Trail is a program that enables the peer-to-peer exchange of assets, resources and money on a hyper local level but with national scale. It happens all over Australia on one day, Saturday May 5th 2012
  • The Garage Sale Trail is about sustainability, creativity, community and micro-enterprise
  • The Garage Sale Trail is a platform for anyone who wants to make some money or raise money for a cause and for anyone who wants to connect with their community.
  • The Garage Sale Trail is for makers & creators, local business, households, cultural institutions, charities and community groups
  • The Garage Sale Trail a perfect way to discover treasure, de-clutter, have fun, make money, make a positive contribution and make neighbourhood connections
  • You can get involved by registering your sale online, shopping on the day – May 5th 2012 and/or donate to the Garage Sale Trail Foundation


  • If you are a household the Garage Sale Trail is the perfect way to de-clutter & make a little pocket money
  • If you are a maker or creator, use the Garage Sale Trail as an opportunity to market your wares to an audience who want to discover treasure
  •  If you are a local business it’s an opportunity to connect to your neighbourhood and make positive contribution to your community
  • If you’re a community group or cultural institution the Garage Sale Trail is the perfect way to fundraise and / or connecting to your local community


  • Garage Sale Trail is the perfect way to discover treasure
  • Garage Sale Trail is the biggest community-based marketplace
  • The Garage Sale Trail is the best way to find a bargain

Use your mobile on the day to find Garage Sales near you:

Register your garage sale or plan your trail by visiting

The Garage Sale Trail website also has some good tips on holding a garage sale, keeping your sale green, and haggling for a purchase! – [JB]

Thriving Neighbourhoods 2012: Call for papers

Posted in Models, Research, Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on January 26th, 2012

Thriving Neighbourhoods is a conference on emerging approaches to the planning, design and management of local neighbourhoods that are set to radically improve health, social engagement, environmental quality and productivity in communities.  Thriving communities have the resilience needed to adapt creatively to unexpected challenges such as climate change, population change, rapid technological change, social upheaval and economic crises.

The complexity of the systems involved in creating thriving communities poses difficult and challenging issues for planners, developers, managers and researchers. But the potential returns on the invested effort and resources are massive.  Capturing these returns requires professional collaboration across policy sectors including health, planning, design, infrastructure, IT and the built and natural environments. Communities must also be engaged from the outset, recognising diverse cultural and individual needs.

We invite papers and presentations on research and practice related to the challenge of creating and supporting thriving neighbourhoods and communities. Work to be presented may be related to the areas represented in the diagram below, on: the challenges; the processes of change and development; the specifics of place; the measurement of outcomes.

2 April 2012: Deadline for Abstracts (400 words)

28 May 2012: Abstracts acceptance notice

Find out more about submitting a paper.

Paul Hawken @ Thriving Neighbourhoods Conference

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on August 26th, 2011

25 October , 2011
26 October , 2011

Thriving Neighbourhoods is a Conference Series that explores the impact of the built and natural environments on communities’ health, wellbeing and productivity. The 2011 conference focuses on the role of Local Governments in creating liveable, sustainable and healthy communities: how they engage stakeholders including the property, planning, parks and recreation, health, and other government sectors.

The Conference will take these diverse groups out of their silos and work collaboratively to create a living environment where residents are healthy and productive.

Paul Hawken, renowned author whose works have transformed businesses’ thinking about their impact on the environment, will be in Melbourne to address the conference. In The Ecology of Commerce, he argues for “full-cost accounting”: taking account of social, environmental and economic costs to truly gauge the impact of a business decision. His other works include Natural Capitalism and Blessed Unrest.

For the full program and to register:

25 – 26 October 2011
St Kilda Town Hall

Eat With Me

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on April 18th, 2011

Our idea is simple. We want people to eat together, not alone.

Eat With Me is a social networking site that allows you to meet new people in your neighbourhood by organising and attending events and sharing a meal together. We are four food lovers from different parts of the world who are passionate about people sharing food and eating together. Eat With Me is designed and developed by Liisa Vurma, Jaanus Torp, Thomas Vaht and Bethany Jones. We are all members of Eat With Me and we invite you to eat with us.

Visit the website to find out more or to sign up:

-Imagine setting up a network of people to share leftovers or veggie-box cook-ups using this social network. KA

Creating Sustainable Neighbourhoods: State of Design Forum

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on July 14th, 2010

© Jacqui Monie, University of Melbourne

Creating Sustainable Neighbourhoods will explore how behavioural change and precinct development interrelate. Together, these forces can create sustainable neighbourhoods. This forum demonstrates how design plays a critical role in creating vibrant, sustainable development. We will also explore the role of design in creating sustainable outcomes through innovative building projects, urban and infrastructure design and by creating strategic frameworks.

A sustainable precinct is more than just sustainable built forms. It also requires the support of a sustainable community; new practices and patterns of living. Yet how do we sell the benefits of sustainable futures? Individuals respond to visionary ideas, especially if they can see them translated into real actions. For example, five or six star green star buildings have set new benchmarks that others have been inspired to follow. In light of this, what might a 10 star green star precinct and community look like? The forum presents a number of iconic projects that are currently inspiring change and encouraging innovative design practice.

The forum is aimed at those in design and non-design fields with an interest in the contribution of designers and the design process in creating sustainable neighbourhoods. It demonstrates how designers collaborate with diverse stakeholder groups and the key role designer’s play in activities such as master planning and community interaction.  The forum includes the presentation of case studies from guest speakers, a Q&A panel discussion and a chance for audience members to envision elements of a sustainable precinct in a collaborative workshop exercise.

Come learn, collaborate and innovate.

Friday 23 July, 2010, 10.00am – 12.30pm

Free, registration for forum essential:

Village Roadshow Theatrette
State Library of Victoria
328 Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Presented by Sustainability Victoria, Sponsored by Victorian Eco Innovation Lab (VEIL)

Houses, Homes & Hope: A Melbourne Conversation

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on November 24th, 2009

Source: Climate Action Calendar

Image: davef3138 via flickr CC

Houses, Homes & Hope: Creating Neighbourhoods That Are Better Places To Live – An event to discuss housing and safe neighbourhoods.

A range of local and international panellists will consider how affordable housing can give hope for low-income individuals and families trying to create safe homes. The panellists will also discuss the challenges of better designed neighbourhoods, health improvement, the future of the young and the changing nature of the “home”. Come along and have your say.

Thu 26 Nov 6pm to 7.30pm. Entry from 5.30pm

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