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How do you maintain the energy for change? Responses from the Sustainable Cities Round Table, 20 May 2009

Posted in Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Ferne Edwards on June 10th, 2009

The final question asked to the audience at the recent Sustainable Cities Round Table – The Energy to Change, 20 May 2009, was: “How do you maintain the energy to change for a healthier, more sustainable future?” This question provided some shining answers of how people maintain their motivation to work towards sustainability. It can be a hard road – we’ve got to pave it! – and it takes a lot of perseverance to make such changes. Find a long list of positive and heart-felt responses from the audience below. Again, the data has not been edited or analysed at all – simply written as was collected at the event.

What keeps you motivated?

    Fear, hope
    By leading a healthy life and that stopping is not an option for a more sustainable future.  Need to stand up for people and the environment.
    Collaboration, sharing, inspiration of others
    Reflection on all that everyone is doing, grow own food, drive slowly up all hills
    Desire to leave the environment in an acceptable state for the next generation
    Networking with like-minded people and sharing stories of passion and success
    Participation in innovative and experimental projects with educational outcomes
    Keep projects fun and interesting eg, practise greening our large flat roof firstly on the shed
    Motivated by the panoramic view outside the work window-seeing the smog every day
    Encouraging our friends to use their bikes by gifting with fluro decorative leg bands
    Using electricity wisely
    Use of clean transport ie bikes
    Look at packaging before I buy
    Its all about doing stuff alongside interesting people who also want to do stuff
    Its too vital not to have the energy
    Sense of urgency
    Like minded people
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