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Media release: Melbourne Social Forum

Posted in Events by ChrisChinchilla on March 27th, 2009

Here’s the media release for the Melbourne Social Forum, we’re still on the look out for stalls, workshops et…


The world is changing rapidly, with major crises such as Climate Change and The Global Financial Meltdown polarising in peoples minds the need for action. The time for discussion and talk is long over, realistic and practical ideas are needed now to help us all through our daily lives.

In the Hot House is a weekend festival that aims to do just that, bringing together diverse areas of Melbournes community to lead discussion, engagement and (most importantly) action. To create and promote ideas that attendees can take home and put into effect immediately, making a real difference to their lives and the lives of those around them. Read the rest of this entry »

Melbourne Social Forum and Festival

Posted in Events by Virginia on March 26th, 2009

The Melbourne Social Forum (MSF) is a progressive grassroots organisation that provides open space to discuss, share, and act on ideas for sustainable social and ecological justice. Our goal is to help create socially just and ecologically sustainable world through collaboration with community groups, activists, and the wider community. This year’s event explores ‘Positive responses to climate change‘.

Under this umbrella, vital contemporary themes consisting of human rights, sustainability and social and environmental justice will be discussed. The current social, ecological and economic challenges facing the world highlight the urgency for us to look for alternatives and solutions.

When: Friday 17 April
Where: TBA

The MSF launch will be followed by a two-day weekend festival at CERES Environmental Park in Brunswick featuring workshops, stalls, live music, performances by two local schools, films and art displays (Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th April).

For more information click here or email workshops@melbourne socialforum. org.

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Alternatives Blog from the Melbourne Social Forum

Posted in Models by Devin Maeztri on September 15th, 2008

This announcement was listed on MSF Newsletter – September issue. MSF has launched a new website and an Alternatives Blog

Announcing the MSF Alternatives Blog

The Alternatives Blog gives you the opportunity to post your visions for a socially just, ecologically sustainable and peaceful world. Entries might include how you would like to see the world, current social alternatives being developed or active campaigns and projects.

Send your contribution to us at or create an account on the MSF website to post your own entry. “Another World is Possible”