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Building an Outstanding Green Home: Free Online Seminar

Posted in Events by sashashtargot on February 24th, 2012

29 February , 2012
11:00 amto12:00 pm

Learn what went into building and designing a new 9.1-star home in Melbourne’s north at a free webinar held by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA).

The webinar will be at 11am on Wednesday, February 29, with Jeremy Spencer of green design and build firm Positive Footprints and the owner of the Preston home, Elizabeth Wheeler.  Passive solar design and sustainable material choice will be two of the items discussed.  It will finish with a Q&A session.

The webinar will be the second in a series of free online presentations by the ATA in conjunction with bankmecu, sharing practical knowledge about energy efficiency, sustainable building and water conservation at home. Webinars are broadcast live for view over your web browser, and will be available for playback on demand afterwards.

When: Wednesday February 29

Time: 11am

Click here to register.


Delivering Clean Energy Solutions: Info Session

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on September 2nd, 2011

3 September , 2011
10:00 amto12:00 pm

Photo by Stuck In Customs via flickr CC

Brunswick DCES Info Session

Interested in solar but find it confusing?

Delivering Clean Energy Solutions is a community bulk buy offering efficient, high quality and cost effective solar electricity and solar hot water systems. The DCES info session is your opportunity to meet the suppliers, have your questions answered and find out how to get the most out of your solar electricity or solar hot water system. DCES is project managed by MEFL on behalf of partners.

When: Sat 3 Sept, 10am-12pm
Where: Brunswick Town Hall, 233 Sydney Rd
RSVP for catering: or 9385 8526

GreenPower and Solar Credits Explained

Posted in Movements, Research by Kate Archdeacon on March 4th, 2011

Source: Sanctuary Magazine

Confused about Solar Credits, RECs, STCs and GreenPower? The ATA’s Energy Projects & Policy Manager, Damien Moyse, talks us through the basics.

“GreenPower is a great way to offset your greenhouse gas emissions from electricity consumption. The mechanism has been around for ten years and is tightly regulated, operating through the existing Renewable Energy Target market. For each kilowatt hour of GreenPower that you buy, your electricity retailer will purchase additional renewable energy certificates (RECs) on your behalf. From an individual perspective it may be only a small thing, but collectively, Australians voluntarily spent around $100 million on GreenPower in 2009, which resulted in almost 2,000 gigawatt hours of additional renewable electricity generation on top of the Government’s mandated targets under the Renewable Energy Target. Overall, this makes a significant and positive difference to the renewable energy industry.

“The Solar Credits scheme aims to increase the uptake of small scale renewable energy systems, such as solar photovoltaic (PV), small wind and micro-hydro systems, generally up to 1.5 kilowatts in size. The scheme works by offering people who purchase and install these systems an increased number of small technology certificates (STCs) than they would otherwise be entitled to under the Renewable Energy Target. Selling the STCs to the renewable energy market effectively provides the consumer with a discount off the retail price of the system, and hence an incentive to invest in one. As an example, a person in South Australia purchasing a 1.5 kW solar PV system for $9,000 would currently be entitled to 155 STCs. With an STC price of $36, this would provide a $5,580 discount off the retail price of the system.”

From Sanctuary Magazine’s Newsletter – sign up here.

Resource: ACF’s GreenHome Website

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on January 21st, 2011

Every day, Australians make choices at home that have a significant impact on our environment.

The Australian Conservation Foundation’s GreenHome Program is a pioneering environmental education program that works with communities to find individual and collective solutions to environmental issues.

Australia’s beautiful and diverse natural environment is increasingly affected by rising levels of greenhouse gases and many other forms of pollution. Climate change is the most pressing issue confronting us, but the washing of chemicals into our waterways, growing rubbish tips and habitual over consumption that strains our natural resources are all contributing to the degradation of our wonderful environment. And in the wake of our dwindling rivers, our overfished oceans and the unhealthy legacy of our heavy industries comes unwanted economic and social hardship.

Fortunately, there is a solution – YOU.

By understanding the consequences of your daily decisions, from how much energy you use by leaving appliances on standby, to the amount of water lost from a leaking toilet, you can begin to make more informed choices. Taking environmentally friendly action in your own home is often easy and can save you money in the long run. Better yet, the benefits are far-reaching, extending not just to you and your family, but also to the people in your community and to the country as a whole. You can improve your own wellbeing and at the same time inspire positive change all around you.

Check out the new GreenHome website:

Street Directories designed for Public Transport Users

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on June 24th, 2010

Public Transport Guides was started by two unemployed people in the town of Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia:

“While living in Perth, Western Australia, we did not know the local public transport network. After visiting the public transport information centre in the CBD, we were handed 500 A4 paper timetables and were told to buy a street directory, or alternatively, to get on to the government authority’s website. Both of these methods are unsuitable for tourists, people who rely totally on public transport, and those with no internet access. There had to be another way, so Public Transport Guides was born!”

The directory is designed just like a regular street directory, with detailed maps, a street and Facilites index , and all current timetables for each area are in this directory.  The directory is designed with both the regular commuter and occasional user in mind. Inside you will find all the urban and country bus and connecting train services throughout, Victoria, Australia.  The book is in A5 format for ease of carrying in backpacks, briefcases etc.

Visit the website for more information.