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International Green IT Awareness Week: Speakers wanted

Posted in Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on April 25th, 2013



The 2013 Green IT Awareness Week Virtual Conference currently has a call out for speakers.

Technology has positively changed the lives of millions of people globally. However with everything “good”, comes some “bad”. But it isn’t hopeless. There are simple steps you can do to help reduce the impact of technology on the following:

Every modern information based technology runs on electricity.

Electricity use that is based on non-renewable sources such as coal fired plants, creates greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions increase global warming and result in issues such as rising sea levels. For the individual, modifying your computers’ power management settings and turning your PC off when it isn’t in use can save both money and the environment. Switching to renewable energy sources are another great way to avoid greenhouse gas emissions associated with technology.

Every year millions and millions of computers and electronics are thrown into landfill.

For example, in Australia in 2008 over 16 million TVs and computers were thrown into landfill. Within computers and electronics are toxins and contaminants such as lead. They also contain precious non-renewable metals such as gold, silver and copper, which could otherwise be recycled.

You might not think water is a problem for technology however water is used in vast amounts to cool large data centres.

Data Centres are simply buildings specially built to host servers and computers. These server and computers might run your corporate network, or even your Hotmail and Google email accounts. Fresh water is a valuable resource – more valuable than oil in many countries around the world.

From the Green IT website:

What is International Green IT Awareness Week?

The International Green IT Awareness Week is a seven day, multi-time zone, global, online event held annually 1st-7th June. The main outcome of this week is to encourage individuals and organisations to demand more from themselves and their partners, holding each other to account for our impact on the environment.

International Green IT Awareness Week showcases a variety of programs, activities and initiatives hosted both by public and private sector organisations, and individuals globally. The Foundation for IT Sustainability (FFITS.ORG), the initiative organiser, also hosts a major virtual (online) conference during the week that is scheduled across global time zones.

There are speakers from across the globe including: green IT experts, IT industry heavy weights, celebrities, government officials, our board of advisors and our founder speaking through live video conferencing, webcasts, live Q&A sessions and recorded videos. They address critical issues including: the cultural change around green IT, showcasing case studies, discussing research, presenting on practical implementation and implementing best practices for both home and business technology users.


Vocational Graduate Certificate in ICT Sustainability

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on December 21st, 2009

Image: o’wan via flickr CC

Box Hill Institute are running a new course for Information Technology (IT) professionals who are interested in the sustainability side of IT. Every business runs on a backbone of IT infrastructure and there is so much that can be done – not only to reduce their IT carbon footprint, but also use IT as a tool to reduce carbon output in other areas.  The course, the first of its kind in Australia, is the Vocational Graduate Certificate in ICT Sustainability. This Graduate Certificate is unique in that it concentrates on Information & Communications Technology (ICT) aspects of sustainability. The ICT Industry is well placed to be the driving force for change in the new low carbon economy.

As a student in this course, you will develop skills not ordinarily found in a straight IT qualification, that will meet industry’s need for employees with knowledge and awareness of ICT sustainability issues. This is a four-unit postgraduate qualification. Subjects will cover: • General sustainability – looking at current issues and solutions • Green ICT – ICT industry developments to reduce carbon footprint • ICT as an industry enabler to carbon reduction – focusing on how ICT will help other industries to lower their carbon footprints • ICT sustainability business case study – skills to develop business proposals to reduce carbon emissions for business. Students will work in small classes with professionally qualified lecturing staff.

An IT background is a prerequisite to study this course, which runs for 1 year, part time. For further information visit the website.