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Transitions to Sustainability in Agriculture: Public Lecture

Posted in Events, Research by land-environment on May 17th, 2011

24 May , 2011
5:30 pmto7:00 pm

Date: Tuesday 24th May
Time: 5.30pm

Speaker: Professor Pamela Matson
Chester Naramore Dean of the School of Earth Sciences
Stanford University
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Professor of Environmental Studies

Location: Lower Theatre, Melbourne School of Land and Environment Building, University of Melbourne

Earth is undergoing rapid population growth, urbanization, industrial growth, and consumption of natural resources, with concomitant changes in the global life support systems. How can we meet the needs of the 9 billion people while at the same time sustaining the ecosystems, air, water and climate systems on which we rely for our and future generations’ well-being and survival?  Professor Matson will discuss some of the critical challenges at the nexus of food, water and global environmental change, and will present research examples from a multi-disciplinary project in Mexico in which use-inspired research both improved scientific understanding and contributed to sustainable management approaches.

To register, please visit:

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Solar Panel Purchase Program

Posted in Policies by Devin Maeztri on April 7th, 2009

To ensure a clear, consistent and appropriate response to growing community expectations, the City of Port Phillip has produced the following guide: SOLAR PANELS | A General Guide and Planning Checklist for Residents and Industry

Produced in collaboration with stakeholders, this document presents the key considerations that the City of Port Phillip considers to be important regarding photovoltaic and solar hot water systems within the municipality, and provides a checklist for those who are required to obtain a planning permit under the Port Phillip Planning Scheme. Where a permit is required, as with other sustainable design initiatives (i.e. rainwater tanks), Council now waives the application fee associated with obtaining a planning permit, with these typically processed through our Fast Track service and completed in less than 3 weeks.

For more information contact our Planning Department on 9209 6424. This information will also soon be included on Port Phillip Online under Sustainable Urban Design.

In collaboration with a number of municipalities, over the next few months the City of Port Phillip is facilitating a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel bulk purchase program to assist residents in reducing household greenhouse gas emissions. For more information please contact our Sustainable Environment Team on 9209 6777 or visit: Solar Panel Purchase Program

Solar Panel Solar PanelSolar PanelSolar Panel

Innovation and the city: challenges for the built environment industry

Posted in Research by Devin Maeztri on November 5th, 2008

This abstract was recently listed on Australian Policy Online. To see the original document visit Innovation and the city: challenges for the built environment industry.

Innovation and the city: challenges for the built environment industry
Simon Pinnegar, Jane Marceau and Bill Randolph / City Futures Research Centre
Posted: 16-10-2008

The built environment, especially our largest cities, faces substantial change in the next twenty years if it is to meet the increasing demands for carbon neutrality, reduced water consumption and more efficient resource consumption. The industries that design, build, retrofit, manage and maintain the built environment face equally significant changes in organisation, working practices and skills development, approaches to design and construction and materials development if they are to meet these challenges.

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