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The Big Bucket: a DIY Greywater Project

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on July 8th, 2010

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Just imagine, every time you take a shower, all the used shower water disappears, but instead of going down the drain, it is watering one section of your garden for you, automatically. All you need do, at some point during the day, is go outside and switch over the taps or hose (or whatever you use to direct the water to different sections of the garden each day) in readiness for the next day’s supply of freely reusable water. Depending on the number of people in your household and the size and type of garden you have, you might never need to “do the watering” again!

Some figures…

* One 3-minute shower using a water-saving showerhead uses about 30L of water.
* For a family of 4, that’s at least 840L of water per week
* One square meter of vegetable garden needs 28L per week (in hot dry weather) – 30 square meters needs 840L.

How is it done?

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Being Water Wise: Using your water twice

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on May 28th, 2010

Source: Climate Action Calendar

HAUT House Image, NY Times

Join Rory Fort, to discuss using, re-using and cleaning our precious water when it is dirty. Rory will talk about these things and answer your questions about what works, what doesn’t work, what works well, and why.  Rory Fort is an inventor and sustainability enthusiast. Over the years he has built Earth Sheltered houses, designed clever gizmos and worked out how to do more with less. He is currently best known as a designer of the super-efficient “Root Zone” system of waste-water reuse and an expert Green Plumber.

Tue, 8 June, 6pm – 8pm
$5 entry including a tea or coffee.

The Conversations About Living Sustainably series invites community discussion on issues of environmental solutions, local food production and community resilience.  All conversations are held at the ELTHAM College Professional Learning Centre, 1660 Main Road, Research.

For bookings or more information visit the website, or contact us:  (03 9433 9859)

Seeking information about greywater and hair products

Posted in Seeking by Ferne Edwards on September 10th, 2008

Please find a query below from a Sustainable Melbourne reader who is looking for some insights. To comment please go to the bottom of the post to “Submit a comment”.

“I wonder if you can point me to reliable information concerning shampoo and conditioner ingredients that may pose a potential threat of causing soil degradation in our gardens as a result of long-term greywater use? As I’m sure you are aware, there is comprehensive info online re laundry products, but after hours of hunting, I’ve not managed to find anything that tells me what shampoo/conditioner ingredients to avoid when using greywater in the garden.

Thank you very much for your time,