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Sustainable Art by Tony Adams

Posted in Events by Devin Maeztri on September 24th, 2008

Tony Adams will present some of his art work in Sustainable Cities Round Table this Wednesday.

2000 high tides later…..

I have been engaging with the discarded and displaced objects from Middle Park Beach in Port Phillip Bay. The gathered gleanings – flotsam and jetsam in all shapes and sizes – reveal a rich diversity of industrial, nautical, biological, social and domestic objects and fragments. As a sculptor, these findings present a multitude of possibilities, from a raw unencumbered resource, to a material that offers readings of its history & the culture that created it. I work with the bright colourful plastics, bottle tops, floats and ropes and sea-worn glass and wood, as well as the syringes, sharp glass, plastic bags, fishhooks and other ‘difficult materials found at this site. The sheer quantity and persistence of the flow of washed-up detritus at this urban site, called for a methodology that involves collecting, sorting, cataloguing, collating and storing. In terms of sculptures. I often create works that are transient, that re-use and re-configure the materials within new contexts. In particular I am interested in both the natural and human impact on the land at these inter-tidal zones. Where land meets sea, the debris of society seems incongruous, yet provides a source and context of rich materials for the development of artworks. The seas soften the harshness of the waste, and my practice balances the fine-line between aestheticising the materials while also aiming to emphasis the inherent ecological problems.

Since graduating from undergraduate studies in Sydney in the mid 90s, I have maintained a daily studio-based art practice and exhibited consistently. Working with the specificity of site and a concern with the environment have remained primary in my practice. Since completing a Masters Degree at Victoria College of the Arts in 2005, I have been involved in a wide variety of exhibitions, festivals and forums, generally within an ecological framework. I am currently completing a Masters (by Research) at Monash University thats exploring an ‘anatomy of waste and ideas surrounding a sustainable art practice.