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Future Housing in Melbourne – Discussion paper

Posted in Models, Seeking by Kate Archdeacon on July 2nd, 2013

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From the City of Melbourne website:

The City of Melbourne is growing quickly. By 2031, it is estimated that an additional 42,000 homes will be built within the municipality to house an additional 80,000 people. Our aspiration is for an inner and central city where housing is affordable, well-designed and meets the diverse needs of our residents. Our housing will play a critical role in realising our urban renewal areas as sustainable, liveable and welcoming places for future living.

Future Living opens a discussion on the role of the City of Melbourne and other key influencers, including the Australian and Victorian Governments, developers, investors and residents in meeting these goals.

>>> You can download the discussion paper from the City of Melbourne website.
>>> You can participate in the discussion and find out about the ‘Future Living’ pop up homes online.

Future Perfect – Subjectivity in Times of Uncertainty: Public Lecture

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on August 10th, 2010

Presented by Prof Renata Salecl,  London School of Economics & Birkbeck College School of Law:

We live in times of uncertainty, where the feelings of anxiety are on the rise. However, we seem to be encouraged by contemporary science to think about lives as being open to endless improvement. The ideology of choice which dominates post-industrial capitalism has created a new mythology of science which has radically affected the way we perceive subjectivity. However the idea that our lives as being capable of ever new improvements, that we can prevent risks to happen and that we can predict when things might go wrong has paradoxically resulted in an increase of feelings of guilt and inadequacy. This lecture will look at how the idea of the perfect future has affected the way we look at reproduction, raising of children, delinquency, aging and death.

Thursday 12th August 2010, 6-7pm
Gryphon Gallery, 1888 Building
The University of Melbourne

School of Social & Political Sciences

Launch of Future Scenarios website

Posted in Visions by Ferne Edwards on August 25th, 2008

David Holmgren, well-known permaculturalist, has developed his global scenario planning into a website called Future Scenarios,

As stated by Holmgren on the site: presents an integrated approach to understanding the potential interaction between Climate Change and Peak Oil using a scenario planning model. In the process I introduce permaculture as a design system specifically evolved over the last 30 years to creatively respond to futures that involve progressively less and less available energy.

A press release about this new website can be found at: