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Fair Food Week – Australia’s First

Posted in Events, Movements by Jessica Bird on July 22nd, 2013

19 August , 2013 9:00 amto25 August , 2013 5:00 pm

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From ‘Australia’s First Fair Food Week is Coming‘ by ACFCGN:

FRESH, good and fair food needs a fresh, new and innovative event to demonstrate its value to all Australians. That’s why the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance are bringing together communities, social entrepreneurs, creative individuals, smart food businesses and even local government across Australia to celebrate the work of Australia’s fair food pioneers – the women and men doing the vital work of creating a fairer food system for all of us.

“It’s a new national event, Fair Food Week”, said Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance spokesman, Nick Rose. Across the country during Fair Food Week there’s a wonderful diversity of events that will attract, intrigue and entertain you: food forums, food workshops, food films, farmers’ fairs, food swaps, community garden and farm tours.

“What we call ’fair food’ is food that is produced in ways that are fair to all and that guarantee nutritional health to everyone in Australia’s food supply chain – Australian farmers, Australian food processors, small to medium size food retailers and, most importantly, we who eat the products of these enterprises”, explained Mr Rose. “Fair food that the farmer has been paid properly for and that is sold through a retail system that is not dominated by the supermarket duopoly that controls 80 percent of Australia’s grocery sales, but that is sold through a truly free market that includes thriving small to medium food businesses to give us – Australia’s eaters – authentic true choice in what we buy and where we but it. It’s good, healthy and tasty food that all Australians have access to irrespective of their income and where they live. This includes Australians living with disability, illness, those living on a government allowance, such as pensioners,  and those in remote indigenous communities… the more then five percent of our people who presently live with an insecure and unhealthy food supply”.

Fair Food Week will highlight the fresh, innovative ideas found in the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance’s Peoples’ Food Plan, Australia’s first crowdsourced policy directions document and the result of democratic, consultative forums held across the country.

>>> Australia’s First Fair Food Week will be held 19-25 August 2013.
>>> You can learn more about Fair Food Week events or add your own on their website.

Tassivore tasting trail – for bike riders and foodies

Posted in Models, Movements by Jessica Bird on December 14th, 2012

Photo from the Tassivore Tasting Trail Map.

From the Tassivore Eat Local Challenge:

If you live in southern Tasmania, or are just passing through, and love eating fantastic local food and zipping around on your treadlie (bicycle) then this is the trail for you!

Eight of our best eateries and Hobart’s fabulous Farm Gate Market will be showcasing at least one Tassievore dish (see definition below) for four months from the first of January until the end of April 2013. […]

How does it work? The venues listed on the map are all passionate about Tasmanian produce and have committed to supplying at least one Tassievore dish for the duration of the trail. How you follow the trail is up to you. You can aim for a big day and ride the length of the trail to MONA and back (a 50km commitment) and drop in at the venues that suit your need to rest and eat, or you can pick and choose, and take your time to visit a range of the fabulous establishments involved. Equally you can take pot luck with what Tasmanian delights await you or phone ahead to work out what type of dishes there are to suit your mood.

What is a Tassievore dish? A Tassievore dish is totally Tasmanian (exceptions for minor ingredients such as spices and raising agents) and will be identified by the Tassievore logo or enquiry with staff at the venue. Updates about dishes on offer will be posted on the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge facebook page and Tassievore twitter feed.

Riding notes: If you are an inexperienced rider, or don’t have many gears on your bike, stick to the restaurants around the waterfront and along the bike path to MONA. If you have a bit more experience, and more gears, then the whole trail is up for grabs. […]

>> You can find out more on the Tassivore blog.
>> You can also download the Tasting Trail map and notes.

New Fairfield Farmers’ Market: Saturday 15 September

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on September 14th, 2012

15 September , 2012
9:00 amto1:00 pm
Source: Melbourne Community Farmers’ Markets

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From the MCFM newsletter:

You asked for it, so here’s the low down on our newby market in Melbourne’s north…

Fairfield Farmers’ Market had a previous life run by other management and feedback from customers and stallholders alike was that they couldn’t work out ‘what was wrong’ because it had such potential in a great part of town. We were offered the contract late last year and, after hearing the stories, we figured the main concerns that seemed to exist were integrity and quality. So the first thing to do was address those issues by working on accreditation for the market through the Victorian Farmers’ Market Association.

As a result, the market bounced back to life in May and things are looking up! Despite some challenging weather, we have had a great customer support and the feedback is very satisfying. It’s not surprising as the stallholders are a brilliant bunch, some you’ll know and others are getting a new opportunity at a city market.

Our plan for Fairfield (and the new markets in the pipeline) is to be smaller in number, just as much variety but without the duplication of stalls. The current vegie growers Spring Creek Organics and Somerset Heritage Vegetables have started the ball rolling with brilliant winter staples but look out for asparagus this Saturday with broad beans and snow peas coming very soon.

In fruit we are lucky enough to have Marie and Chas Harding from Hardings Orchard in Pakenham join us. They offer many old fashioned varieties of apples and pears including Winter Nellis pears, Golden Delicious and Fuji apples. Beenak Farm biodynamic kiwis are very popular over winter as is The Orange Lady’s range of citrus. That’s got Vitamin C covered! Berries are returning in summer…mmm.


You may have heard the hype from across town and now it’s official…MoVida Bakery is joining Fairfield from this month, offering Spanish pastries and specialty breads. They use local free range eggs, Victorian flour, citrus, butter and fruit.

And in dairy, many of you will now know Simon Schulz and his Friesian cow’s milk; thick, rich and straight from the farm at a fair price (not $1 a litre like the duopoly offers shoppers with nothing for the farmer). Schulz Dairy also have skim and unpasteurized milk, quark and fantastic yoghurt. Simon has also introduced us to his Timboon neighbour Mattieu from L’artisan cheese who’s now a Fairfield Farmers’ Market regular with his superb hand crafted cheeses.

Brekkie while you shop is covered with Janet’s chai stall, The Little Coffee Van, Taiwanese pancakes, hot baked bikkies, Betty’s BBQ and the school parents’ Dutch pancake stall.

And there’s so much more, so why don’t you pop in on Saturday morning and see the rest for yourselves?

When: 3rd Saturday of every month
Where: Fairfield Primary School, Wingrove Street, Fairfield
Time: 9.00am – 1.00pm
Cost: Gold coin donation for specific kids’ school projects would be appreciated

Fennel! Artichokes! August Farmers’ Markets

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on August 5th, 2011

Images L-R: Rubber Slippers in Italy (CC), jeroenpulles (CC)

Melbourne Community Farmers Markets: August Highlights

There’s so much to tell that there’ll hardly be room to list all the fab winter produce happening around the markets this August. So just a quick wrap will see Ian Cuming and his kiwis at all four markets, Milawa Mustards starting at Veg Out this Saturday (and a one-off at Collingwood the following Saturday) and the new, improved Red Hill Cheese starting at Coal Creek Farmers’ Market in Korumburra with their range of sheep milk cheeses having moved their herd to the rolling hills of Moyarra. Then of course there’s citrus aplenty, fennel, artichokes, walnuts, pears, broccoli shoots, cime di rape, goat meat, daffodils and the last of the hot roasted chestnuts for the year. That’ll keep you busy in the kitchen…!


Melbourne Farmers’ Markets: January

Posted in Models, Movements by Kate Archdeacon on January 13th, 2011

January Update:

Greetings and best wishes for a fabulous year to come.  At Melbourne Community Farmers’ Markets we have kicked off the New Year with a new look to our website. There’s a few new features plus regular updated information about our markets. We hope you like it and remember if you have any feedback please pass it on!

January will be overflowing with seasonal colour and flavour so revel in new season raspberries, capsicums, blueberries, beans, tomatoes, mulberries, peaches, cucumbers, strawberries, potatoes, eggplant, pistachios, garlic, lettuces, plums and zucchini – what a sensational range we are spoilt by at this time of year.

December Farmers’ Markets: Regular & Twilight!

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on December 3rd, 2010

Source: Melbourne Community Farmers’ Markets

December Update:

There’s no holding back now; Summer is officially here. Whether you’re feeling overwrought with deadlines and over-commitments or lucky enough to have the headspace and to dream about a little lie down sometime over the public holidays coming up, the year’s end is screaming towards us!

Don’t forget we have a couple of twilight markets coming up at the end of the month at Veg Out and Slow Food, as well as your regular Veg Out, Collingwood and Gasworks markets for December.


The very fickle year continues; just when it seems Winter’s finally let up, we get this rain! And for producers so desperate for rain in the last decade, the irony is that for some, so much has been a disaster!

Stone fruit is very susceptible to heat and moisture so just as it is ripening, the last thing it needs is moisture and humidity, and it’s had both which means splitting fruit and potential for rot. The combination also brings out pests in huge numbers which makes young vegetable seedlings very vulnerable. And equally, wind plays havoc with cellular plants like broad beans laden with its heavy crop.

But in good news, there are bumper crops of other produce; all the berries are just around the corner, spuds are nearly ready to dig, garlic is everywhere, first sightings of zucchini, capsicums etc and there’s so much to be thankful for!

This Christmas be sure to get your orders in early, make sure you come along and do your farmers’ market festive shopping and help us make up for another tough year.


Public holidays and the reality of successful markets have meant we have made a few changes. The market dates are as follows:

Veg Out Saturday 4 December
Collingwood Saturday 11 December
Gasworks Saturday 18 December as normal, then…
Veg Out Wednesday 22nd December 4 – 8pm
Slow Food Thursday 23rd December 3 – 8pm
No Veg Out FM in January but then back to the normal routine.

Melbourne Farmers’ Markets: November

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on November 5th, 2010

Source: Melbourne Community Farmers’ Markets

The Cup is done and won for another year and that means tomato planting time. This month you’ll find CERES with organic seedlings at all markets, Russell from Kensington Garden Centre at Veg Out and Gasworks, and Howard Gibb, all the way from Whitlands in North East Victoria at Collingwood and Slow Food at the Abbotsford Convent. All have a fantastic range of self-propagated seedlings for backyards and balconies plus great advice.

The season is gradually catching up after the long, cold winter and you’ll find strawberries, broad beans, garlic shoots and snow peas back in season. Fare thee well to several apple, citrus, kiwifruit and nut growers, but let yourself dream in anticipation of the season’s luscious stone fruit, which is reported to have greatly benefitted by all that early spring rain… it’s just around the corner!

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The Only Melbourne Farmers’ Market This Weekend

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on October 28th, 2010

31 October , 2010
9:00 amto1:00 pm

Source: Melbourne Showgrounds Farmers’ Market via Melbourne Community Farmers’ Markets

Did you know that this October has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays? A very special occurrence that only happens once every 823 years! This weekend, whilst ALL other Melbourne farmers markets are having a break on the 5th Sunday of the month, we are open and we are the only event on at the Showgrounds this weekend!

This Sunday the market will have plenty of delicious items just perfect for parties and race days over the cup weekend. Meredith Dairy will be at the market with their yummy cheese, Bridge Farm are back with their fabulous asparagus – perfect for any race day platter – and Beenak Farm are here with their amazing biodyamic kiwifruit. We’ve got some terrific meat at the market this Sunday too, King Valley Pork, Koallah Farm (Beef & Lamb) and Family Farmed (Beef & Pies) Don’t forget to stock up for the weekend and beyond! The lovely Darren from Walnut Park flowers is back this week too – make sure you stop by for some beautiful fresh flowers!

Thank you for your support and for shopping with us at the Melbourne Showgrounds Farmers’ Market. We are all working very hard to put the market on each week and need your ongoing support to keep the market a success. With more shoppers, we can bring in more stallholders and increase our weekly offer to you all. Please let us know if you would like to see any particular products at the market!

Finally, don’t forget its nearly Christmas (I know, scary.) and our producers will be able to take orders for collection on our December market days. if you’d like to contact producers directly, you can find their info on our stallholder page… ordering makes life a lot easier!

Melbourne Farmers’ Markets: October

Posted in Events, Movements by Kate Archdeacon on October 1st, 2010

2 October , 2010
9 October , 2010
16 October , 2010
23 October , 2010

Source: Melbourne Community Farmers’ Markets

Melbourne Farmers’ Markets: September

Posted in Models, Movements by Kate Archdeacon on September 3rd, 2010

Source: Melbourne Community Farmers’ Markets

From the September Newsletter:


What a relief for all from this incredible Winter; it sure is the real deal this year! Many stallholders are itching to get back to markets after their enforced hiatus but there’s just no produce for them to bring until there’s some warmth in the atmosphere. Never fear, it’s all poised ready to happen …fruit tree buds are waiting to burst, asparagus shoots will grow above the surface before your eyes, dairy animals will flow forth with milk from new green growth and our citrus focus might gradually turn from flu preventers to salad ingredients (mmm…orange segments with lovely fine sliced fennel and a cider vinegar dressing!)

Things may not be shooting outside but garlic bulbs still hanging in their skein in my kitchen from last season are doing their natural thing and thinking they should be planted out. It’s only a couple of months till we’re treated to new season garlic so here’s a tip – I’m going to peel and whiz them all up with butter and olive oil then freeze in small containers. Was there really a time when we didn’t think we could have local garlic all year?