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“Beyond Zero Emissions” Discussion Group: Dr Geoffrey Will

Posted in Events by Mark Ogge on June 24th, 2009

A monthly discussion group hosted by Beyond Zero Emissions focusing on energy solutions to climate change, held on the first Monday of every


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For July, we present ‘Dye solar cells – the next generation in solar technology’

Guest speaker: Dr. Geoffrey Will
Time: 6:30 – 8 pm, Monday 6th July 2009

Dye sensitised solar cells mimic photosynthesis in plants to generate electricity by using colour dyes, just as plants use chlorophyll. They are an exciting new generation of solar technology which can theoretically reach 100% efficiency, as they do not have the (energy band gap) limitations of the traditional silicon solar cell. The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) was recently granted $1.3 million of government funding for further research into this revolutionary solar cell.  Dr. Geoffrey Will, senior lecturer at QUT, will explain the research being conducted, as well as the future applications and costs for dye solar cells. Read the rest of this entry »