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‘Vanuatu means ‘Eternal Land’’ public talk

Posted in Events by k2 on April 22nd, 2009

What: Come and hear about the trials and tribulations of one of the worlds most beautiful locations, the progress we have made so far and our outline to assist ni-Vans regain control over their most precious resource – the land on which they are meant to stand.
Thurs April 30th, 6.30 for 6.45pm takeoff
Who: Karl Fitzgerald, Earthsharing Australia Project Coordinator and 3CRs Renegade Economist.
Where: Level 1/ 27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne
Entry: gold coin donation – all funding goes towards ni-NGO. Drinks and nibbles to follow.

Our recent visit to these idyllic lands revealed a dark side to the beauty surrounding such a community. Economic policy is out of kilter with the Treasure Island type mentality that wealthy speculators abuse in quoting Vanuatu as the ‘Worlds Happiest People. The free lunch prerogative of the vested interests has the indigenous people of Vanuatu, the ni-Vans, battling for food in a bounty-ful land .

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Sustainable Opportunities & Solutions – environmental & economic (SOSee)

Posted in Models by Devin Maeztri on December 5th, 2008

The Vox Bandicoot workplace environment training and development program fosters ownership and a positive and supportive culture. It does this by maximising participation, the strongest foundation for behaviour enhancement or change.

SOSee engages everybody from the newest recruit to the C.E.O. Everybody hears the wake up call. Everybody moves to participate. We can guarantee that you will be excited by the results of this empowering method of training for environmental best practice and culture.

For more information download ‘Sustainable Opportunities & Solutions – environmental & economic.

Green Gold Rush

Posted in Research by Maeztri on November 11th, 2008

This abstract was recently listed on Australian Policy Online. To see the original document visit Green gold rush: How ambitious environmental policy can make Australia a leader in the race for green jobs .

Green gold rush: How ambitious environmental policy can make Australia a leader in the race for green jobs
Australian Conservation Foundation and Australian Council of Trade Unions
Posted: 30-10-2008

Australia could become a world leader in creating ‘green industries generating up to a million green collar jobs by 2030 and multi-billion dollar export opportunities in green technology, according to this report from ACF and ACTU.

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