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VEIL Exhibition: Sunshine 2032, Stage three

Posted in Events, Visions by Kate Archdeacon on June 12th, 2012

13 June , 2012 10:00 amto17 June , 2012 5:00 pm

Image credit: Jack Pu

The city of Sunshine was designed according to the principles of Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City. The suburban layout combined back yards adequate for a vegetable patch, fruit trees and chickens, with regularly placed public parks for social recreation. The layout remains intact today, but the expansion of transport infrastructure over the years has fractured much of the social space in the suburb. The Garden City layout of Sunshine is suited to the intensification of sustainable programs including urban agriculture, shared water and energy harvesting systems, increased pedestrian and bike access through the neighbourhood and shared public spaces for increased social cohesion.

Following on from our exhibition of ‘Vision: Sunshine 2032’ projects in 2011, VEIL took the design process further and held the studio in the community as a Studio Atelier. Sunshine Plaza Shopping Centre generously provided a vacant shop for the duration of the semester, and we constructed the furnishings as we went along. Being in Sunshine every week has allowed us to become better acquainted with the project sites, the community, and the experience of working, shopping, eating and travelling in the area.  The studio door has literally been kept open, and we have had locals and past residents come in to speak to us, deliver brief lectures on the area, and request inclusions in the projects. VEIL hopes to continue using the Studio Atelier as a model for teaching and co-creating innovative design projects for the future.

This exhibition of selected design projects, developed as part of the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (VEIL) Eco-Acupuncture studio program 2009-2012, includes selected Architecture and Landscape Architecture Design projects envisioning a sustainable future for Sunshine [stage one, two and three].

13 – 17 June
Shop 34, Sunshine Plaza 324-328 Hampshire Rd Sunshine
Open Wednesday-Sunday 10am-5pm.

Exhibition launched by Professor Philip Goad, Director of the Melbourne School of Design, Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, University of Melbourne.

Building A Sustainable House to Suit Your Site: Free Webinar

Posted in Events by sashashtargot on June 7th, 2012

15 June , 2012
11:00 amto12:00 pm

Learn about the importance of site orientation, location and climate in designing an energy efficient, sustainable home at a free webinar on Friday June 15 from 11am-noon.

This will be the fifth webinar in a series held by the Alternative Technology Association in conjunction with bankmecu.

We will be looking at sustainable design elements incorporated in an owner-built home on Sydney’s northern beaches, looking in particular at how the site’s location and challenges (including slope, proximity to the sea, and limited solar access) influenced the design.

The webinar will include a presentation by designer Dick Clarke of Envirotecture and a conversation with homeowners Barbara Stack and Rodney Reece on their design priorities and what it’s like to live in the finished house. The webinar will finish with a Q&A session.

If you’re not able to join in live, view it at the ATA website from a couple of days afterwards.

To register, click here

Streetscape Raingarden Design Principles: Guide

Posted in Models, Visions by Kate Archdeacon on May 28th, 2012

From the reference guide.

Sourced from Clearwater :

This A3 Quick Reference Guide will introduce the reader to the basics of streetscape raingarden design. The guide indentifies the critical elements for a good design as well as some tips for what to watch out for. Links are provided for more technical guidance and to video clips on how to build a raingarden.

Sustainable Communities: Collaborating, Planning, Delivering

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on March 22nd, 2012

29 March , 2012
6:00 pmto7:30 pm

This Melbourne Conversations event has been developed to support the C40 Workshop. The desire for sustainable communities is the touchstone of city-forming when comparing major cities across the globe.  As city design and planning experts meet in Melbourne as part of the C40 group, never have the challenges of city growth been so great, nor the achievements so promising. Hear about our local achievements and those of comparable large world cities.

Speakers include:

  • Ms Romilly Madew – Chief Executive, Green Building Council of Australia, Sydney
  • Ms Melanie Nutter – Director San Francisco Environment Department, USA
  • Prof Jan Gehl – Gehl Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Prof Billie Giles-Corti – Director, McCaughey Centre, Melbourne School of Population Health, University of Melbourne
  • Ms Li Lixin – Deputy Chief of Air Pollution Control Division, Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, China

Moderated by Peter Mares, Grattan Institute, Melbourne.

Thursday March 29, 6-7:30pm
BMW Edge, Federation Square

Free event, no bookings needed.

Echology: Data-driven public artworks

Posted in Events, Movements by Kate Archdeacon on March 21st, 2012

26 March , 2012
3:00 pmto6:00 pm
Source: Bindarri

Imagine living alongside artworks that reflect the choices that you and your local communities are making towards achieving a sustainable future… artworks that live and breathe, that reward your choices and encourage change.

ECHOLOGY brings together Australia’s leading artists and urban developers to create data-driven public artworks that engage with serious issues in evocative and playful ways. Come along to the seminar and networking event nearest you to find out how you can be a part of this exciting opportunity and to meet some of the best international artists working in the field: Julie FREEMAN (UK), Usman HAQUE (UK), Joyce HINTERDING (AU), Geo HOMSY (US), Natalie JEREMIJENKO (AU/US) and DV ROGERS (NZ/AU).

Melbourne Seminar: March 26
>> Register here

ECHOLOGY: Making Sense of Data brings together Australia’s leading creative talent, a world leader in urban development and three urban communities to create data-driven public artworks that drive meaningful engagement with issues surrounding sustainability, climate change and resource use.

ECHOLOGY: Making Sense of Data is a three-stage project that will support the utilisation of real-time data and sensing in the production of artworks for the public realm. Each of the stakeholder groups involved with the project have different, but complementary objectives that together can be met through the project’s realisation.

ECHOLOGY: Making Sense of Data is presented by the Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT) in partnership with Carbon Arts.

Events to be held in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.>> More information on the site

Building an Outstanding Green Home: Free Online Seminar

Posted in Events by sashashtargot on February 24th, 2012

29 February , 2012
11:00 amto12:00 pm

Learn what went into building and designing a new 9.1-star home in Melbourne’s north at a free webinar held by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA).

The webinar will be at 11am on Wednesday, February 29, with Jeremy Spencer of green design and build firm Positive Footprints and the owner of the Preston home, Elizabeth Wheeler.  Passive solar design and sustainable material choice will be two of the items discussed.  It will finish with a Q&A session.

The webinar will be the second in a series of free online presentations by the ATA in conjunction with bankmecu, sharing practical knowledge about energy efficiency, sustainable building and water conservation at home. Webinars are broadcast live for view over your web browser, and will be available for playback on demand afterwards.

When: Wednesday February 29

Time: 11am

Click here to register.


Speed Date a Sustainable Designer

Posted in Events by sashashtargot on January 30th, 2012

19 February , 2012
1:00 pmto3:00 pm

Are you renovating or building? Do you have plans and ideas you’d like to discuss with green architects or building designers?  The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) would like to invite you to Speed Date a Sustainable Designer.

When: Sunday 19th February

Time: 1-3pm

Where: The Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne

Speed Date a Sustainable Designer brings together Australia’s leading sustainable architects and building designers so that you can discuss your plans in a relaxed ‘no obligations’ environment.

What to Bring

Bring your sketches, plans and photographs on your tablet, laptop or good old hard copies! The designers will offer solutions, ideas and alternative viewpoints.

You can watch the short YouTube video from the last event here:

Supported by bankmecu

A free event. Limited spots available!  Bookings are essential. Go to

Planning your 2012 Garden: What to consider

Posted in Models, Research by Kate Archdeacon on January 10th, 2012

Photo by abbybatchelder via flickr CC

Cityfood Growers have a checklist on their blog to help those of us who still don’t have the perfect veggie garden(!) reassess what we want and plan for a better year.

Author Peter Kearney says “January is a great time to get your thinking into planning your food garden for the coming year. In my experience, good planning makes a huge difference to your success. It helps to open your awareness to new knowledge, as you have more an idea of what’s coming, rather than stumbling along. […] I know that is a lot of questions to work with, but they are all important when you do your plan. I work with these questions each year as I plan my own food gardens.”

The post includes a series of topic areas with several questions to answer in each area.  Go through to the Cityfood Grower’s Organic Gardening blog for the full set of questions – not even half of them are included here:

Recap on last year – Be as objective as possible with yourself.

  • What crops grew well and crops that did not grow so well?
  • Were you being pragmatic enough with your time, i.e. did you hang onto to crops that didn’t produce much and took up a lot of your time and space?

Your garden space

  • Can you now manage a bigger food garden, if so design the layout of your new garden and use the right principles for layout?
  • Can you improve the design of your existing garden, for example more efficient use of space, better sun and drainage?

Soil fertility

  • What is the state of your soil and is it appropriate for the crops you want to grow?
  • Are you making compost and if so, are your methods producing enough and of good quality?
  • Are you timing your compost making to fit your maximum planting time?

Planting plan

  • For your vegetable/herb garden, have you developed a rotation plan for your beds, leave some space for perennials such as herbs?
  • Have you chosen the predominant crops for each of your vegetable garden beds and worked out the month of planting using the ideal months?
  • Have you chosen companion plants and space filler now that you have chosen your predominant crops for your beds?

Garden management

  • Is your garden easy to manage in its current layout and design, if not think about how to make it easier to work with and at the same time generating higher quality soil?
  • Are you overusing mulch and could you use more living crops for mulching such as green manure and edible companions?

Pests and diseases

  • For your vegetable garden, are you using companion planting to reduce pests?
  • Is soil quality your primary pest and disease reduction strategy, if not then make it so?

Your well being

  • Have you developed an awareness of how you want to feel in your food garden, as your feelings have a big impact on how the garden grows?
  • Will you create space in your busy day to sit in your garden to observe and contemplate?


Maker Faire Melbourne: Inspire, inform, connect, entertain.

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on January 9th, 2012

A Maker Faire is about celebrating learning and doing – not the finished and perfect end product. It’s a place to share what we’re learning with others, and celebrate the fun and freedom of being an amateur. Featuring both established and emerging local “makers,” the Melbourne Mini Maker Faire is a family-friendly celebration coming to Australasia for the first time on Saturday, January 14th, 2012. It will feature rockets and robots, DIY science and technology, urban farming and sustainability, alternative energy, bicycles, unique hand-made crafts, and educational workshops and installations.  Access to the Faire is limited so get in touch before you show up to make sure you can get in!

Want to get involved?  Apply to be a Maker on Saturday through the website.

Mini Maker Faires such as this have started to sprout up around the United States, Canada, Europe and now Australia. Maker Faire started back in 2005 as a spin-off of Make Magazine. The Melbourne Mini Maker Faire will follow the big Maker Faire model of celebrating do-it-yourself creativity and tinkering, but will be smaller in scale and – although predominantly showcasing the wonders of the local Melbourne Maker community – will include exhibitors from around Australia and beyond.

Saturday, January 14th, 2012, 10 am to 4pm, Hawthorn

See the Maker Faire Melbourne website for additional information and to register your interest in attending.

Photo from Robots and Dinosaurs (Makers).

Keep Cup Co-Creator: Melbourne Sustainability Drinks

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on December 6th, 2011

7 December , 2011
6:00 pmto8:00 pm

Photo by 3Easy via flickr CC

Sustainability Drinks Melbourne is pleased to have Abigail Forsyth as guest speaker for Sustainability Drinks on the 7th of December.

Entrepreneur and mother of two, co-creator and founder of KeepCup, Abigail Forsyth has always been a passionate problem solver. Abigail’s leadership and devotion to finding creative solutions to overcome our impact on the environment has changed the way even the most discerning coffee drinkers enjoy their daily dose and she has since been commended in several globally renowned awards. She was a finalist in the City of London’s Sustainable City Awards (2010), Premier’s Design Awards (2010) and Melbourne Day awards (2010), as well as being shortlisted for the Australian International Design Awards (2010) and the Red Dot Industrial Design Awards Hamburg (2010).

Please note that it is essential to RSVP every month. Due to the ever increasing popularity of the event, it may not be possible to accommodate people who do not RSVP. This is not-for-profit event; i.e. you buy your own drinks, as we choose to come together in the spirit of a shared interest.

6 – 8pm Wednesday 7th December 2011.

Location: Slate Bar & Restaurant Mezzanine, 9 Goldsbrough Lane Melbourne VIC 3000