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Creative Suburbs consultation project

Posted in Movements, Seeking by Creative Suburbs on April 15th, 2013


Ever wondered how your suburb and Melbourne could look like if you had a chance to design it? Where would you start? Maybe with a basketball court in your local park, a tramline or a veggie patch on your nature strip?

There’s finally a site to share and support ideas on how to enhance our suburbs and identify the places and things we love about them. offers ways to connect with people and organisations who want the same thing, share knowledge and resources and make good things happen.

Let relevant organisations know how you think your suburbs can evolve, how much you love them and other ideas you may have on planning our city’s future.


Creative Suburbs has also launched the first consultation project: Our Love of the Queen Victoria Market. The marke is a thriving and vital place pulsating with life Creative Suburbs wants to know what you love about the Queen Victoria Market, why you shop at the market, the places you love and if there are any special secrets you know about. The space will be used to share and support ideas on what we love about the market and ideas will be communicated to our Lord Mayor Robert Doyle.

If you want to consult a specific issue, write us an email. We can customise what and how you consult for any amount of time.

Experts on

Posted in Policies by Ferne Edwards on December 17th, 2007

The eVillage Melbourne website has been busy lately with its online drop-in lounge attended by Kate Redwood and Arron Wood. The Lounge is where the eVillage Melbourne website invites prominent members of the community to share with the eVillage community their thoughts and opinions about a Talking Point they feel passionately about. The guest will host a discussion on topics of interest over a two week period to give as many members a chance to join in the converstion and contribute and exchange their views both with the guests and other interested members.

This has certainly been happening with Kate Redwood who is known for her position as a former Councillor at the City of Melbourne, where she chaired two major standing committees: the Environment Community and Cultural Development Committee, as well as the Commonwealth Games and Major Projects Committee. She has also been representative on a number of other City of Melbourne Committees and has experience in a variety of senior management positions.

Aaron Wood is engaged in the topic of Melbourne being one of the most liveable cities in the world…and making sure that it remains that way for future generations to come. The conversation has been about population growth impacts, water, financial incentives and greenhouse emissions.

To visit the Lounge on the eVillage Melbourne website go to