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Walk to highlight Sea level rise: Port Philip Bay

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on November 11th, 2009

Source: Friends of the Earth Melbourne

seaimage_via PortPhilipRising

The Port Philip Rising group is going to walk the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay in Victoria and highlight the impacts of sea level rise on people, communities and landscapes along the way.

Sorrento – Port Melbourne – November 21 – 27 2009

…The sea is already rising at an increasing rate because of climate change. Scientists are predicting seas will rise globally by more than a metre by the end of this century, and perhaps much more. For example, melting of the Greenland ice sheet is accelerating, it contains the equivalent of about seven metres of sea-level rise. Around the world many thousands of communities will be lost and hundreds of millions of people will be displaced….

Leaving Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula, they will head north along the coast, marking the one metre level where possible with a simple marker (a stick with piece of blue ribbon).  They will walk between 15 and 20 kilometres a day, and welcome people and organisations to join in for sections of the walk, which will conclude in Port Melbourne. Early next year the walk will continue along the western side of the Bay.  During the walk, they will collect images and video grabs of people and places asking them to explain their concerns about climate change, sea level rise and what they want to see the state and federal governments to do; including Kevin Rudd at Copenhagen.

News, stories, images and video will posted as they go,  so visit the site often or sign on for updates.

The walk has been initiated by Friends of the Earth Melbourne in partnership with the Victorian Climate Action Centre.

Workshop outcomes from the recent Sustainable Cities Round Table

Posted in Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Ferne Edwards on September 3rd, 2008

The workshop that was presented at the recent Sustainable Cities Round Table on Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation was titled “New Urban Food Businesses“, presented by Prof Chris Ryan, Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab. This material for the workshop was based on the outcomes from the VEIL Hub and Studios work. VEIL works to bring public research and designers from public institutions (university design schools) into the conceptual market to provide a radical alternative set of visions of possibilities that extend beyond incremental change. The aim is to shape both consumer and producer expectations at the same time. The focus for this recent work was based around food. More information about this project can be found at Those future visions are used to ‘seed’ ‘vision-driven’ projects for short-term development.

The audience was shown the images from the workshop (soon to be uploaded here) and asked to write a possible business name, description (what it does; how it works) and to provide a newspaper clipping – (Headline + one paragraph of text) or a poster advert for the business that related to the presented images. The outcomes from this workshop are below.

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