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International Permaculture Day: May 6

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on May 3rd, 2012

6 May , 2012

International Permaculture Day: Sunday, May 6, 2012

Australia’s National Permaculture Day has gone global. A worldwide celebration of self-reliance is about to take place as permaculture practitioners from California to Cameroon open their properties and share their skills for International Permaculture Day (IPD). “This would have been the fourth year of Australia’s National Permaculture Day but so many other countries wanted to take part that it has become an international festival,” says IPD Australia co-ordinator, Penny Pyett.

Events are planned in about 20 countries, including the US, Chile, Turkey, Cameroon, Spain, the UK and Morocco. “People are fattening their chickens and preparing to harvest their crops. This year’s theme is ‘Share and celebrate’. We want the public to see what we do and celebrate with the movement.”

Permaculture, a design system for sustainable living, was developed in Australia in the 1970s and is practised worldwide. “The movement is growing,” Pyett says. “People are desperate for sustainable solutions.”

On Sunday, May 6, urban and rural permaculture properties in all Australian states and territories will be open to the public, showing sustainable designs that include:

  • Edible landscapes designed to survive flood, drought and climate change;
  • Food forests providing fruit, nuts and fibres;
  • Crystal-clear natural swimming pools free of chemicals;
  • Ducks and chickens giving families home-grown, free-range meat and eggs;
  • Sustainable homes combining state-of-the-art and traditional technologies.

There will be kids’ activities, talks, film screenings and workshops teaching everything from keeping chooks to composting. Plus there will permablitzes (sustainable garden makeovers), in which teams of permaculture designers descend on unsustainable backyards and nature strips to turn lawns into edible landscapes. “We want to show permaculture in action,” Pyett says. “By having a special day it’s like a birthday. It’s celebrating all the things we have learnt about becoming more self-reliant and sustainable.”

Permaculture events in Victoria include an open day at Ashwood College Permaculture Food Garden , a persimmon-preserving day with Permaculture Inner North, and a celebration at Fairfield community garden.

The Ethical Christmas Resource Kit

Posted in Movements, Opinion, Research by Kate Archdeacon on December 13th, 2010

Source: Ethical Consumer Group

Do it differently this Christmas!

I buy. I wrap. I give. I get. I get caught up. It’s easy to become lost up in the busyness, anxiety and the frenzy of over-consumption at Christmas time.  So how do we reclaim the essence of Christmas? One that reframes relationships as being more important than possessions and quality time more significant than the rush. One that recognises that all our purchasing choices are connected to wider issues in the world and there is a story behind all the things we buy and receive.

This resource kit explores some things you can do to make a difference with the way you celebrate this Christmas. There are many positive choices you can make for the health of the planet, your community, and yourself.  It may be buying a ham that hasn’t travelled halfway around the globe to get to you, or choosing a non-factory farmed turkey. Perhaps you could choose coffee where the owner of the company has guaranteed a fair wage to the plantation workers, or seafood that has been fished in a sustainable manner. You can also avoid companies with a negative track record, and find good gift alternatives that minimise waste.

‘With every meal, we have the opportunity to support a different food production system – one based on producing vibrant, healthy food with the well-being of people, animals and the land at heart.’ from Beyond the Supermarket, page 5, the Guide 2011

There are options for better buys within the supermarket and department store. Yet at the same time, the real answers are in supporting alternatives beyond. We’ve tried to give you a sense of what to look for, but also outlined some resources to help you where to find local, free range, organic, sustainable and waste free options.  Remember to focus on one issue at a time. Your choices do make a difference, but at the same time it’s no use being overwhelmed. Do what you can with the resources available.

This resource kit divides information into three sections, covering food; gifts; and decorations, lights, trees. It is designed as a companion to the 2011 edition of the Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping and referenced throughout with links to the website and the guide itself.  We recommend you grab some print copies of the guide to give to friends and family this Christmas. It’s a good way of speading the message and equipping people to make a difference in the preparation for Christmas.

All the best in having a great day and making it count this Christmas.

Festive Season Guide: Environment Victoria

Posted in Models, Opinion, Research by Kate Archdeacon on December 9th, 2010

Environment Victoria’s Festive Season Guide

How to make yours a happy green holidays

It really is the season to be jolly. It’s the rare time of year where after a long year of slogging it out we enjoy kicking back, spoiling others and eating ourselves silly! And we deserve to. But with all the waste that goes along with it, it’s not such a joyous time for our environment.

So this handy guide will help you hold onto the good bits of the silly season, while being a little gentler on the planet. It’s still about having a great time with plenty of food and presents, but without all the waste. Because when you remember what your priorities are, it’s actually surprisingly easy.

Download the Festive Season Guide here

Or simply follow our quick links…

Decorations: Lets kick off with some handy decorating hints. Because there’s nothing like a chrissy tree or a splash of sparkle to get you into the spirit!

Green gifts: There’s nothing worse than giving your friends and family things they don’t need or want or will be broken come Boxing Day. Get them some of these much more awesome things which of course, have a lighter impact on the planet.

Cards and wrapping: There’s no reason why your wrapping can’t look beautiful while being super green.

Food, glorious food: You can make a big difference to your environmental impact by making some smart food choices. Here are some tasty ideas.

And that’s a wrap from us here. We truly hope you have a magical, relaxing, rejuvenating time that’s full of love, laughs and green cheer.

Love, Environment Victoria (

Tarka: Precious Music, Precious Water

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on February 8th, 2010

Precious Music, Precious Water promises to be a unique community music and water event. It is a call to action – we are at a crisis point and it won’t be Governments that initiate change, it will be driven by people.  In two parts, it is designed to inspire and galvanise the audience (and through accompanying media coverage, parts of the wider community) to take a more concerted action regarding a sustainable water future.

The first part consists of The World Premiere live performance of “Tarka,” an original score composed by Harry Williamson and Anthony Phillips, performed by the Whitehorse Orchestra, conducted by Gerald Keuneman with solo guitarists Harry Williamson and Doug de Vries.  The second part is a special community focus on water, Our Common Good featuring a public narrative and solo performances from well known Melbourne based artists; Ruby Hunter, Doug de Vries, Michael Johnson, Frank Jones & the Northern Voice Choir and Kavisha Mazzella.

“Tarka,” meaning ‘wandering as water’ is a delightful modern orchestral piece inspired by the natural beauty of waterways teeming with life as depicted in the classic novel ‘Tarka the Otter’ written by Henry Williamson.

Date: Saturday, February 27, 2pm & 7pm

Tickets: Green-Tix

Sample the music on YouTube

Precious Music, Precious Water is brought to you by The Boite and Spring Studio and is supported by The City of Melbourne, MECU, Emma Whiting Travel and The Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust.