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Wildlife doing it tough in the hot weather

Posted in Models by Ferne Edwards on February 10th, 2009

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Our wildlife is doing it tough in the hot weather – but a few minutes of your time can make a little difference, no matter where you live, simply by putting out fresh drinking water. Many people have birdbaths in a shady spot in their garden. These are great, but please also put out dishes with water on the ground in a shady, quiet spot in your gardens for animals such as skinks, lizards and echidnas, and for possums and sugar gliders who cannot get to birdbaths that are on a pedestal.

Ideally, use a shallow ceramic or terracotta dish so it does not tip over easily. Ensure that animals that fall into a dish can save themselves, by putting a rock (for shallow dishes) or a large stick or branch in any water container that is left outside. Many animals and birds are territorial, so put out several dishes of varying sizes around your garden.

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