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Stephen Cook from CSIRO speaks at the Sustainable Cities Round Table 12 Nov 2008

Posted in SCRT Videos, Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Devin Maeztri on November 24th, 2008

“Our research shows that water use may increase by 50 per cent if urban sprawl and energy use continues at the same pace.” (CSIRO website)

“Restricting Melbournes urban sprawl could have a big impact on reducing the citys water use over the long term, says a CSIRO report launched today to coincide with National Water Week. 24 October 2008″ (CSIRO website)

This concern has been addressed by Stephen Cook from the CSIRO , when he spoke about CSIRO project on water at our last Sustainable Cities Round Table. His presentation titled “Water-energy futures for Melbourne” can be seen from the footage below.