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Priority 3 for Energy Change, The Sustainable Cities Round Table, 20 May 2009

Posted in Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Ferne Edwards on June 10th, 2009

Priority 3 for Energy Change‘ is an outcome from the recent Sustainable Cities Round Table – The Energy to Change, 20 May 2009. Audience members were asked: “In your perspective, what are the three things that need to happen for energy?” Ie. if were going to address climate change what are the most important things that we and others around us can do? This is their response for Priority 3. The data is shown as it was collected – there has been no analysis at this stage at all.

Priority 3
    Plug in hybrid electric vehicles
    Relocate old houses rather than be demolished into strips then to become landfill.  Use of recycled materials for buildings-achieve energy ratings points
    New innovations
    Public transport
    Industry efficiencies
    Consume less
    Policy change, away from CCS towards renewables and at the same time preparing people for decrease in energy availability (renewables wont cope with current energy consumption)
    Reduce packaging (waste)
    Signal the end of coal as primary energy source in Australia-Turn it into a sunset industry
    Less consumption.  Less energy/recycling/waste
    Invest in renewables
    Strong target of 100% renewable energy by 2020
    Needs strong and public champion
    Get rid of Rudd, Ferguson, Wong, Brumby
    Vote greens
    Move to lower consumption lifestyle
    Investment- public and private
    Government to take positive steps in policy to encourage sustainability in urban growth
    Develop clean energy technologies
    Government assistance to renewable energy projects
    All operations and households educated and assisted to 6 star operations and built environments by state government
    Grip upgrade to suit renewables and make system more efficient
    Reward/incentivise conversion to renewables
    Provide more funding for clean(er) technologies eg. Solar/geothermal
    80% trips to be by PT, bikes and walking
    disclosure of energy use across commercial and residential
    Improve energy efficiency for all new buildings and renovations
    More sustainable lifestyles.  People need more time in their lives to question themselves.  Inspire behaviour change.  Reconnect with sense of oneness.  Find meaning-not apathy.
    More practical applied examples ie build it and they will come
    A model that shows in practical terms how to get to a zero emissions state
    A decentralization of energy to minimise transport.  Linked to more renewable energy.  Link to peoples responsibility and involvement.  Incentives education.
    Major role for local government
    Feedback to energy uses-awareness of usage
    Keep moving climate change from a niche/fringe issue into mainstream-get people angry
    Push for global a) governance mechanisms to mandate zero carbon emissions buildings b) demonstrate flagship pioneers, hiving precincts in every human settlement c) research hubs- funding to support this as a knowledge centre
    Invest in renewable energy sources
    Get to zero emission by banning use of fossil fuels (where possible) and building renewable energy usage
    Embodied energy content included on all consumer product labels
    Phasing out of non-renewable/fossil fuels
    Rethink transport and redevelop sustainable transport infrastructure
    Education which focuses on developing energy literacy through demonstrating energy efficiency and generation options
    Connect to decentralized renewables
    Cleaner Fund
    Industry investment in renewable energy
    Change the way we plan and build our urban infrastructure so that it accommodates renewable energy
    Government should provide greater rebates for people to buy solar panels
    Anything but coal
    National promotion in planting and forest preservation
    Remove all subsidies for coal and privatise grid infrastructure
    Provide infrastructure for public transport, bicycle trails etc (to avoid using cars)
    Community action- leadership from the grass roots
    As much demonstration projects as possible leading to full scale production.  It may mean pay more tax
    Reduce meat consumption
    Sensible government incentives, like at present for P.V-cash incentive.  Not like what they want to introduce-renewable E Certificate incentives, that power companies buy
    Efficiency.  Efficient energy production and reduction in consumption
    Greater incentive to local government to lead energy saving
    Keep the PV rebate of $8k and remove the household income cap.  Change the feed-in tariff.  Reforestation.