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Priority 2 for Energy Change, The Sustainable Cities Round Table, 20 May 2009

Posted in Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Ferne Edwards on June 10th, 2009

Priority 2 for Energy Change‘ is an outcome from the recent Sustainable Cities Round Table – The Energy to Change, 20 May 2009. Audience members were asked: “In your perspective, what are the three things that need to happen for energy?” Ie. if were going to address climate change what are the most important things that we and others around us can do? This is their response for Priority 2. The data is shown as it was collected – there has been no analysis at this stage at all.

Priority 2
    Open markets for decentralized electricity generation from renewable sources.  Including incentives for implementation.
    Government support eg policies, incentives, drivers etc
    Need users o reject the business as usual approach
    Large scale solar projects
    Initiating community food gardens
    High price for carbon pollution emitters for each unit of pollution
    De-emphasize CCS
    Energy efficiency existing homes-retrofit 10% per year (and educate home owners)
    Focus on building peoples awareness as to their energy actions and their consequences
    Develop green energy policy framework to stimulate research and investment to kick start the greening of Australian energy systems.
    Invest heavily in non-carbon transport-both individual and public
    Energy efficiency-existing commercial buildings (energy management and retrofits)
    Co-generation-reframe legislation and government support to make it easier
    Use of recycled toilet paper and print paper by consumers.  Ban virgin paper or ban nature forests being cut down for paper
    Generating clean fuel
    Ensuring the days hottest celebrities around go around banging on about their low energy lifestyle
    Serious mandate on energy use in the design of houses and appliances includes TVs etc
    Energy use must be made more visible to consumers
    Biomass for electricity and heat
    Eliminate incandescent lights-all of them.  Really no excuses.
    Require all sectors to contribute to energy reduction
    Energy efficiency rating for all houses
    Reward sustainable behaviour eg tradeable energy quotas
    Rezone land for zero emissions community development
    Government to become much more stringent on energy efficiency, renew energy targets, CO2 targets mandatory
    Electricity prices to include externalities: carbon price, relative scarcity of fossil fuels
    Education and acceptance
    Renewable subsidies with taxes on polluting non-renewable power of fuel
    Utilize renewable energy at the precincts level
    Interest free loans to communities/ individuals to install renewable energy and fair tariff to feed back to grid
    Utilize waste heat from electrical generation ie co generation
    Cultural change
    Local initiatives
    Education/behavioural change mandatory
    Retro-fitting existing homes, offices, factories etc and 8 star building regulations for all new buildings
    More solutions for renters- framework for new and existing buildings
    Community political pressure
    Facilitate schemes that makes it relatively easy for households, communities and businesses to reduce emissions.
    More investments and support for renewables
    Whole of precinct and cross-sectoral research exploring low energy production
    Efficient power plant with less emissions
    Reduce consumption
    Government should ‘fast track and incentivise commercial and residential development that builds in renewable energy
    Investment in research into renewable energy sources
    Local power generation
    Investment in micro-generation
    Community co-operation in conserving power
    Improve public accountability and bureacacy
    Have more sustainable food production systems
    Communities working together to reduce energy change
    Have compulsory environmental education in work environments
    Dont give free credits to coal plants in Australia as part of ETS.  Rewarding polluters is wrong.
    Cost of greenpower and renewables needs to be the same as standard grid electricity
    Significant review of building code of Australia to improve standards of all buildings
    Getting on with it despite ridicule, discouragement in public and private behaviour
    Urban consolidation on national scale
    Create cycle and mass transit infrastructure asap
    Use more solar and wind energy and decentralize energy distribution
    Community ownership of renewables
    Large scale renewables
    Change in price structure and incentives for generation of all renewables at household and community level
    Renewables- a mix of renewable energy supplies
    Target people of a non-English speaking background to raise awareness of greenpower and renewable energy sources
    Buy less pointless stuff
    Reduce reliance and tax on non-renewable sources
    Install large sale renewable energy stations and increase government funding in renewables.  Take the money from the CCS and invest it in a distribution network from SA governmental plant to the national grid.
    Carbon pricing so that there is an incentive to conserve energy
    Mandated requirement for higher level energy rating on new homes
    Community scale energy/water/waste planning (zero emissions neighbourhoods everywhere)
    More use of renewable resources
    Radical change in the way we build and operate our buildings to slash energy use
    Contain the worlds population
    Require instrumented feedback so all resources to run a household are offerred

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