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Food Waste Workshop Outcomes 4, Sustainable Cities Round Tables, 24 September 2008

Posted in Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Ferne Edwards on October 27th, 2008

A Food Waste Workshop was held at the Sustainable Cities Round Table – Waste Not Want Not, 24 September 2008. Three key organisations redistribute food that is still edible to people in need: SecondBite, FareShare (previously One Umbrella) and VicRelief Foodbank. Participants at the Sustainable Cities Round Table received a five minute explanation of the key issues of the growing food waste issue that links to poverty, hunger and urban environmental issues, and then worked together in small teams to answer the following four questions.

1. Can you think of ways to help better manage these issues of food waste redistribution
2. Can you think of opportunities that could occur across the city system? ie. in terms of transport, water, urban planning, etc
3. Can you think of ways to reduce the amount of food that is generated further up the chain
4. Can you think of new opportunities or businesses that could emerge from the topics mentioned above?

The responses from the fourth question are listed below.

Key issues:
1. Awareness – that food rescue agencies exist and have the capacity to collect surplus food, so we can start making a dint on the amount of good quality nutritious food that goes to waste.
2. Funding – the cost to run our organisation is increasing, and will continue to do so. This is of vital importance as we begin to tackle to problem on a much larger scale. Collaboration, information sharing and pooling of resources will be key in addressing this.
3. Logistics – Not so much a problem but an area that will need a lot of focus (money!) and collaboration as we implement statewide strategies, incorporating multiple agencies and both internal and external logistics companies.

4. Can you think of new opportunities or businesses that could emerge from the topics mentioned above?
Start producing organic varieties so as to encourage people to go for healthy food instead of junk food
Set up brown fields with in house treatment of various types of waste and set up a centralized distribution network for recycled products
Opening as business/restaurant, sourcing form “dumpster”
Council compost business
More urban garden spaces

Aquaponics systems in supermarkets
Provide government incentives to businesses to donate good quality food waste
Van service to pick up and drop off waste
More research into food preservation etc. so food quality lasts longer
These companies can sell food thats beyond redistribution to compost businesses
Design special bins for domestic food waste bin
Waste animal or human consumption
Food policies
Meals on wheels for everybody
Low cost meals to avoid individual cooking and therefore waste
Aussies farmer – home deliveries fruits and bread
Mobile supermarkets – reduce CO2 emissions for driving to supermarkets for small purchases
Domestic composting services/products for different dwellings eg. people in small city flats
Supermarkets pay new businesses to collect/sort/redistribute waste
EPR – Extended Producer Responsibility
Investigate use and date competition – exchange organic waste disposal opportunities
Employment opportunities picking/harvesting food that would otherwise go to waste
Exchange containers –refilling
Selling in “bulk” so you can get just the quarterly you want
Education, recipe books
Disassembly and recycling
Barter groups to exchange home produce
Restaurant that promote by redistribution of food
Rooftop hydroponics + aquaponics (fish + veggie + worm)
Community worm farming
Not quite right model (of second day b…… goods) – easy to set up not-profit business
Breeding worm products – juice, worms
Need to encourage people to take responsibility and make the effort to recycle, reuse food waste
Get people to think about waste, energy embodied in producing food to encourage people to stop over buying food
Energy generator combined with food disposal facilities in retail centres such as food malls
Develop a market for 2nd hand food process …. …. dry food
Fruit op shops “I eat therefore I am” …. Shop
Visy – bread food, … …, recycled food – supermarkets …

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